Well we might have some of the best access legislation in the world here in Scotland but it isn’t always good.

Had a wander up Benarty Hill near Lochore Meadows Country Park today. Saddened to notice on my way up the hill that a 6 foot deer fence which previously had an openable gate now sports a shiny new padlock. This necessitated the climbing of the 6 foot gate. Interesting according to the Fife Council website this particular path is a designated core path, well I think an email to the council’s access officer might be in order over that one.

Also rather depressing was the state of the east end of Benarty Hill. I had heard that a new path was to be build to connect Lochore Meadows with Vane Farm and would link into the existing forest tracks at that end of the hill. Yes, this is indeed the case but what should be a pleasant upland path looks more like a 6 foot wide road. OK, it’s not tarmac but the surface at the moment is a grey compacted ash kind of stuff which gives it the look of a road. I hope that this is not the final product because it really is a scar on the landscape. No sign of any current work being undertaken so will need to go back in a few weeks time and see if anything has changed. It’s worse than the bulldozed estate tracks that spring up across remote hillsides as this one has been built as a leisure path not a working road!

Spotted lots of marsh marigolds in the wetlands around Lochore, wood sorrel and wood anenonme on the hill along with a myriad of bluebells on Harran Hill just about to burst into life.



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