Lomond Hills all together

Yesterday I had a fantastic walk around all four of the Lomond Hills in Fife. It must be about 5 or 6 years since I last did this.

We started off at the Holl Reservoir which is a good central starting point. East Lomond was our first target. A quiet path from Easter/Wester Glasslie took us up to the Lime Kiln from where we joined the main drag up the east side of the hill. As usual, the hill was busy with people ascending/descending from Craigmead including lots of young children enjoying the sunny weather.

After East Lomond we headed along what I always refer to the as the “motorway”, a wide hard surfaced busy track that runs from East Lomond to Craigmead and then on to West Lomond. Not my favourite of walks but it’s a quick and easy way of covering the distance between the two hills. Up West Lomond to find it even busier than East Lomond.

After West Lomond we left the crowds behind and descended down the south west slope on what is now becoming a rather obvious path. Time was when this path was actually quite hard to follow it was so feint. A rather substantial new stile has been built over the fence to replace the one fell apart a few years ago. The Devil’s Burdens area was extremly dry and if a few cactii had been added we could easily have thought ourselves in the Arizona desert.

From Glenvale it was then back up hill again on yet another path that is seeing much more use than in times past. An easy open gate now stands beside the old rickety gate that had to be climbed over and an obvious path leads up the hill besides a new fence. Then it was off into what used to be my favourite spot in the Lomonds and which I refer to simply as “The Trees”, an area of old larch trees that are looking a bit windswept. This used to be a quiet and secluded area which saw little in the way of people. Unfortunately nowadays it seems to be one of the favoured routes up Bishop Hill. Neverless it is still a pleasant spot and we didn’t meet any other people. From the Bishop Hill ridge we had a small detour from the direct route to view Carlin Maggie then up on to Bishop Hill summit.

Most of the hard work was now behind us and the walk across to Munduff Hill with its golf ball was nice and easy. A quick exploration of the lumps and bumps in that area then through the new easy open gate (used to have to climb the wall / fence) into the woods and the access track for the golf ball.

Then came the long trudge downhill through the woods and farmland back to the car park but we did this section in under an hour which was quite reasonable.Back at the cars it was a relief to get the boots off! All in a 7 hour walk in warm sunshine with a cool wind on the hill tops.

Forgot to take my camera but you can view photos of our day on our meetup site.



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