Spring Puffins back!

Love the puffins

Isle of May National Nature Reserve

Puffin on sea 2 Puffins back in May waters

Puffin on sea Welcome home lads!

Wednesday 15th March comments: Its been feeling like spring, its been looking like spring and today it WAS spring (well sort of) as our Puffins are BACK! A visit to the island today revealed a handful of summer plumage Puffins in the surrounding waters of the island and it’ll be a matter of days before huge numbers are seen.

The Isle of May supports the largest population of Puffins on the east coast of the UK (some 46,200 pairs) and the timing is spot on as birds are returning from wintering grounds, readying themselves for another season. Over the next few weeks more and more will arrive and eventually towards the end of the month they’ll touch land, then we’ll be back in business.

The Island opens its doors from 1st April and its a highly recommended visit especially if you are keen to see Puffins…

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