Spooky, Eerie, Ghostly walks

Well as it’s Halloween and the season of spookiness, I thought I would have a look to see what walks I have published that could be classed as appropriate for this time of year. Actually there’s quite a few………..

Tullibole Witches’ Maze – a short walk from Crook of Devon that includes the Tullibole Witches’ Maze, a memorial to the 11 innocent witches that were executed in the Crook of Devon area. Good one for kids but take note of the barb wire if you do the full route. Do report this issue to the Perth and Kinross Access Officer communitygreenspace@pkc.gov.uk if it is still causing a problem. As well as the Witches’ Maze, keep an eye open for the peacocks at Tullibole.

Blairadam Forest – I’ve got 4 different Blairadam Forest routes published. The easiest is the waymarked forestry commission trails although personally I prefer the estate and forest ones. A ghost of a miner has been spotted in Blairadam and the area is also well known for reports of big cat sightings (the Beast of Blairadam). Best not to go after dark !!!!

Glenfarg Railway Tunnels – no ghosts, ghouls or witches here but these disused railway tunnels are a bit spooky, especially if like me, you like to make ghostly noises to alarm your companions. Another good one for the kids. Make sure you take a torch.

Maspie Den – if the Glenfarg tunnels are a bit too long and dark for you, check out the wee tunnel in the Maspie Den, near Falkland. Sorry, I don’t have a write up for the Maspie Den on its own as I’ve included it with East Lomond but you can easily walk up from the Stables car park on Falkland Estate. As well as the tunnel you get to walk behind a waterfall. After the walk you can head into Falkland where both the Palace and the Covenanters Hotel are reputedly haunted by Mary Queen of Scots.

Crawford Priory – this gothic ruin near Cupar is said to be haunted by the ghost of Lady Mary Crawford who continues to search for her animals and pets.

St Bridget’s Kirk between Dalgety Bay and Aberdour is reputed to be haunted by the ghosts of pirates. I live near here and have visited frequently but have never yet seen a pirate ghost. Hope you have better luck. Even if you don’t spot any ghosts, the ruined church and graveyard are spooky on a dark night.

Monks Cave – is not too far from St Bridget’s. I’m not sure that it is haunted but it is certainly an eerie kind of place to visit and it’s easy to believe that you may encounter the ghost of a monk awaiting a ferry to Inchcolm Island.

In the Lomond Hills above Kinnesswood we have Carlin Maggie, the local witch who was turned to stone by the devil. Pay her a visit whilst having a walk to the summit of Bishop Hill. Prior to turning her to stone, the devil threw some rocks and boulders at her on the southern side of West Lomond. The rocks remain where they fell and are now known as the Devil’s Burdens.

If that’s whetted your appetite for Fife ghosts have a look at the Paranormal database for a comprehensive list of ghosts and hauntings in the area. Happy ghost hunting and do let me know if you spot any.



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