Upgrade of domain name

The Fife Walking website / blog has been in existence for two years now so I have decided the time is right to upgrade to my own domain name rather than using a WordPress one!

The new web address is simply fifewalking.com as opposed to the previous fifewalking.wordpress.com.

The old wordpress address will continue to work as it will be redirected.

I started the website two years ago with no real idea of what I wanted to achieve or even how to go about producing a website. I just thought it would be interesting to try setting up a site for walks in my local area, especially routes and paths that were not overly well known. Fortunately, WordPress has made it all very easy for me, though I have run up against some limitations at times.

The site is a non-commercial activity. I make no money out of it, and now that I’ve upgraded the domain name it’s actually costing me a small amount of money. That’s why I do like to ask that people using the site for groups, publishing elsewhere (especially commercial purposes) simply link back to the site or provide other form of credit / acknowledgement. Sadly I have had a well known commercial site download some of my GPX routes from Viewranger, walk the routes (they uploaded their tracks to Viewranger a few days later so I know it wasn’t just a coincidence) and then published the routes as their own and no doubt made money from them. A short “route inspired by Fife Walking fifewalking.com/” would have made all the difference !!! Another commercial organisation has also taken my photographs from Facebook and copied and pasted them to their own facebook page without asking permission or crediting me. Social media sharing is fine (and encouraged) as share buttons always link back to the original source but copy and pasting without permission is not.

Anyway enough of the negatives, the weather is improving and this coming week looks very nice indeed so let’s all get out there for some good walks whilst we can.

And if anyone is looking for a recommendation for holidaying at home this year, the Outer Hebrides are hard to beat. Had a short break on the Uists last week and it was utterly amazing (walking routes to be published soon).


Berneray Beach, North Uist

3 thoughts on “Upgrade of domain name”

  1. Hi there

    Just to let you know we have now moved up to the highlands! Please could you take my name off your mailing list

    Many thanks

    Stella Barter Sent from my iPhone Mob No: 07429 847795



  2. I found your site recently and really enjoy the way you have set out the route infirmation, maps etc. I am sorry that you have been taken advantage of by folks who should know better. I guess that is a price you have to pay nowadays when plagiarism is so easy. Annoying but take it as a form of flattery and please keep doing what you are doing. Many thanks, Ken Bease

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