Fife Hills A to Z : F

Fleecefaulds Hill (210m) and Flagstaff Hill (214m)

Two lesser known hills this week. Both these hills are high points in the flat landscape of the East Neuk of Fife.

Fleecefaulds Hill, on the Teasses Estate near Ceres, can be accessed from the attractive Fleecefaulds Meadow Nature Reserve and combined with a walk around the nature reserve. The hill summit itself is scrubland but it is surrounded by working countryside, gardens and residential property so ensure you are adhering to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and respect the rights of the people who live and work there. Keep dogs under close control.

Flagstaff Hill can be accessed via the Balcarres Estate near Colinsburgh which is itself a popular destination for walkers. Although the hill itself is nothing special (though it does have good views over to Largo Law) the nearby Balcarres Craig with its folly / tower is worth a visit, as is Balcarres Den and the old mill. Even though there are core paths in the area, this is still a working estate so respect it as such and obey any signs regarding dogs on leads.

More information on these hills is available from Fife Walking .

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