Fife Hills A to Z : I


At girst glance it might seem strange including this 497m eastern Ochil in a Fife A-Z, as it does not lie within Fife. However, there are a lack of hills in Fife beginning with I and Innerdouny is topographically very significant for much of north Fife.

Innerdouny Hill (located between Yetts of Muckhart and Dunning) is the parent Marilyn for the ground north of the A91 and west of Collessie Den. This area contains a number of significant hills including 4 Humps (hills with 100m and upwards prominence).

Lumbennie Hill at 284m is the 12th highest hill in Fife and the highest point within Pitmedden Forest. In itself it’s not an overly exciting hill as it is covered with conifer plantings and accessed via a rough fire break. Nearby, in the Strathmiglo area, is the more attractive rough grassland of 275m Pitlour Hill which is easily approached via tracks through the Pitlour Estate.

The cluster of hills around Lindores / Newburgh is well worth mentioning, namely, Cowden Hill, Black Hill, Woodheads Hill and Ormiston Hill. These hills offer a number of routes for the walker. Black Hill and Woodheads Hill, like Lumbennie, have their summits coated with conifer plantings but Cowden Hill across the road is a good viewpoint for the area and has a track almost to its summit.

So despite not being in Fife, Innerdouny does provide us with some fine hill summits to explore.

Check out the Ochils Outliers 1 and Ochils Outliers 2 pages for routes up these hills.

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