Fife Hills Challenge

As Spring starts to spring upon us, the weather improves, the days get longer and lock down restrictions are eased, more people are looking for outdoor activities / exercise. We are still restricted to our local authority areas for the immediate future so for those of you in Fife here are a couple of challenges you might want to consider based on Fife’s highest hills and Fife’s most (topographically) prominent hills.

Which challenge(s) will you undertake and can you complete it before travel restrictions are lifted?

Fife’s Highest Hills

The 9 hills in Fife that are over 300m in height

If you prefer inches and feet these are also the same 9 hills that are over 1000 feet in height!

West Lomond 522m, 1713 feet

East Lomond 448m, 1470 feet

Knock Hill 364m, 1194 feet

Saline Hill 359m, 1178 feet

Benarty Hill 356m, 1168 feet

Easter Cairn 355m, 1165 feet

Park Hill 339m, 1112 feet

Wether Hill 335m, 1099 feet

Outh Hill 324m, 1063 feet

The 14 hills in Fife that are over 250m in height

As above plus

Largo Law 290m

Norman’s Law 285m

Lumbennie Hill 284m

Pitlour Hill 275m

Cult Hill 264m

Fife’s Most Prominent Hills

The 7 hills in Fife that have Marilyn status (i.e. 150m prominence / drop)

West Lomond 405m prominence

Benarty Hill 228m prominence

Norman’s Law 209m prominence

Largo Law 197m prominence

Mount Hill 163m prominence

East Lomond 155m prominence

Cairnie Hill 150.4m prominence

The 14 hills in Fife that have Hump status (i.e. 100m prominence / drop)

As above plus

Lumbennie Hill 139m prominence

Lucklaw Hill 117m prominence

Cowden Hill 116m prominence

Knock Hill 112m prominence

Saline Hill 104m prominence

Black Hill 104m prominence

Ormiston Hill 103m prominence

Routes up these hills (and many more) are available on the Fife Walking website.

If you want somewhere to log your hill progress, the hill-bagging site is recommended.

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