A-Z of Fife’s Hills: N

Norman’s Law

Norman’s Law is a distinctive landmark in the north of Fife and at 285m is the 11th highest hill in Fife. It also has the distinction of being one of Fife’s Marilyns.

The most popular ascent of the hill seems to be from Luthrie in the east but it can quite equally well be ascended from Glenduckie / Ayton in the west or from Pittachope to the north. The Pittachope approach is the shortest and easiest route on to the hill being only 1 mile with less than 500 feet of ascent. The Fife Coastal Path circles the hill on its northern and western sides and there are at least three routes up the hill that start from the coastal path. It’s easy therefore to incorporate this hill into a walk along the coastal path.

Once up to the summit, which is the site of an iron-age fort, the views are splendid in all directions but particularly so over the Tay to the Angus Hills. The summit area itself is quite knobbly and the eastern approach path is a bit steep and eroded.

Norman’s Law makes a good short outing by itself but for a longer day it can be combined with its neighbour Glenduckie Hill, connecting the two by means of the Fife Coastal Path.

Check out Fife Walking’s Norman’s Law page for details of routes up the hill.

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