A-Z of Fife’s Hills: P

Park Hill

At 339m Park Hill is the highest summit in the Fife part of the Cleish Hills and is the 7th highest hill in Fife.

The high ground of the Cleish Hills is comprised of rough grass moorland and forestry, and straddles the border of Fife and Perth & Kinross. Undoubtedly the more interesting and most visited summits lie within the Perth & Kinross section though.

Park Hill can be reached from either the western or eastern side. The easiest approach, although longer, is probably from the east by means of forest tracks as far as “Windy Gate”. Beyond here there are rough tussocky paths across the moorland over (or around) the Georgeton Hills, to the vicinity of Park Hill. An approach from the west is likely to be very wet underfoot as is an approach around the southern and western shores of Loch Glow.

The hill is an offshoot of nearby Dumglow which makes for a more interesting destination. Also within the area are the three lumpy hillocks known as the Inneans and the craggy looking Dumifarline. Both Dumglow and Dumifarline are the sites of hillforts. The rough tussocky moorland and lumpy ground gives the area a feel of “real hill” to it.

The Cleish hills, although low in hill terms, form some of the highest ground in Fife. As such they are well worth a visit either by the hill walker looking for an easy option or the more adventurous low level walker.

The Fife Walking Cleish Hillforts page provides details of a route around all these hills.

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