A-Z of Fife’s Hills: T

T for The Binn

The Burntisland Binn is a very obvious hill with its craggy cliffs at the back of Burntisland. Despite its local significance (one story is that god put the Binn in its position to protect Burntisland from the cold north winds), it is not actually recognised as a hill in its own right. With less than 30m height loss (prominence) between it and its higher neighbour, Dunearn Hill, it doesn’t make it into the hill lists.

It is though, well worthy of inclusion in any description of Fife hills and from sea level its 193m provides a reasonable leg stretch for the walker. There are numerous routes to the summit including a simple stroll along the access road to the Craigkelly TV mast. An interesting route starts from near Burntisland Golf Club where a path heads up the eastern shoulder of the hill to the now abandoned Binnend Village. Originally built to house workers at the nearby shale oil works it also became something of a holiday destination for a while. Today just a few remains are visible.

The summit of The Binn is a fantastic viewpoint for the surrounding area. Southwards, the cliffs drop away to Burntisland and the expanse of the Firth of Forth. A view indicator sited at the summit helps identify the distant landmarks.

Check out The Binn page on Fife Walking for details of 8 different routes to the summit.

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