Mapping Scotland’s Paths

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while now.

Ramblers Scotland have recently released their online Scottish Paths Map. This new resource looks extremely promising. The intention is to show, on a single map, all of Scotland’s paths, from the well known waymarked ones to the short muddy trail through local woodlands.

Whilst I, myself, am very much an off path walker who likes to plan my own routes, there is no doubt that as more people take to the outdoors they want to walk on paths and most importantly, to know where those paths are. It’s also sensible when planning to cross areas like farmland, to use paths where they exist. Currently information is split across various maps and resources requiring the user to bring it all together in their own planning. Some paths do not appear on any maps! This new initiative aims to be a comprehensive one stop shop for path information.

As of August it contained information on almost 42,000 miles of paths. It is very much a work in progress and still in its infancy. If you’re like me you will no doubt have spotted plenty of missing paths! Ramblers Scotland are looking for volunteers to assist with providing the data. Given enough people feeding information into it, this has the potential to be the definitive map when looking for walking paths in Scotland.

Paths are also in the process of being “audited” by volunteers so that information on their condition can be captured. Audited paths are shown in green on the map and if you click on them you will see a summary of information including condition, obstacles, ownership and status (eg core path). Again the Ramblers are looking for volunteers to assist with the auditing process.

Please remember that paths can be anything from a traffic free road to a muddy forest trail to a rough heathery mountain path. At this moment in time there may be paths shown on the map in areas where access rights do not apply, so ensure you follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

Check out the online map here.

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