New list of Fife Hills available

Benarty Hill

Have finally completed something I started quite some time ago. A comprehensive (though not definitive) list of Fife Hills along with a listing of OS trig pillars (and trig points) and a list of hill fort locations.

The information is provided in an Excel spreadsheet and includes a wide variety of data including location, hill heights, prominence, classifications, notes on summit features, and links to relevant sites for photographs and hill logs. The trig information includes information on location, the type of trig, its unique flush bracket number (the number on the metal plate which identifies the trig), historic use, and in a couple of cases the current use. The hill fort data includes location, type of fort and archaeological information taken from the Atlas of hillforts. Each list is supported by location maps.

The only thing missing is routes. But for the hill summits suggested routes can be found on this site. Currently routes have not been published for reaching non hilltop trigs or hill forts although this is something for inclusion in the future.

The Excel file can be download from the Uplands of Fife page or directly from here.

Fife may not be the land of big hills but we do have nine hills that are over 300m / 1000 feet. Seven of our hills have sufficient prominence (150m or more) to be classed as Marilyns and a further seven have between 100m and 150m of prominence resulting in them being classed as Humps.

Hopefully this list will encourage you to get out and explore.

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