About Fife Walking

I started this site in April 2016 as a means of sharing information about walking routes I created for a local walking group Fife Out and About. Too often people seem to stick the same routes and don’t venture from them. It’s not uncommon for people to say to me “I’ve lived in Fife all my life and never knew this path existed”. This website aims to help you find new areas to walk or new routes in familiar places. I’m aiming to publish routes (or variations on commonly used routes) that are not published elsewhere. The vast majority of routes have been designed by myself from studying various maps and then going out and finding ways to ways to walk the route that I want. I don’t take routes from other websites or books and re-use them.

Route descriptions and simplified maps are available on this website but if doing a remote or hilly walk you should also carry an Ordnance Survey map. Links are available to both Viewranger and Ordnance Survey where you can view and download GPX tracks of the routes which can then be imported into your preferred digital mapping package..

All of the routes have been walked by myself. However, paths and tracks do change over time so no guarantee can be given that they will be usable in the future. You walk the routes at your own risk and should assess hazards for yourself. Some of the walks may be a bit muddy and slippy after heavy rain or overgrown with vegetation in the late Summer months. Please wear appropriate footwear for the walk you intend to do. Whilst short low level walks are never too far from civilisation with its plethora of cafes, bars and restaurants, the more remote and hillier walks may take you into areas some miles away from local services. Please equip yourself sensibly for these walks and carry food / drink with you. You should also check the weather forecast before setting out.

If you are using any of these routes for group or organised walks, please credit Fife Walking as being your source of information.  Link back to the this site if possible. You get the routes and I get extra publicity for the website: a win win situation! Please don’t just copy and paste my text and then pass it off as your own. Planning, researching, walking and writing up the routes can be a time consuming process for which I don’t make any money! Using the social media buttons to share pages on Facebook, Twitter etc is of course encouraged.

All photography is my own unless credited otherwise. Higher resolution versions are available on request for non commercial purposes.

Finally, I have included numerous links to websites of interest for further information. Over time, as things on the web are changed, some of these links may become “broken”. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. It would of course be helpful if you reported any broken links to me so that I can update them. Likewise walking routes can change over time, so again if you notice any errors or omissions in my descriptions do let me know.

Happy Walking

Susan B

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