Berrylaw and Dean Plantation

Distance: 6.3 miles / 10km

Ascent: 430 feet / 130m

Start / finish area: Dunfermline (William Street)

Other walks in the Dean Plantation:

This 6.3 mile easy walk leaves the west of Dunfermline via the Berrylaw Path, takes in the south side of the Dean Plantation woodland, then returns to Dunfermline along a cycle track.

Start from the free William Street car park on the west side of Dunfermline (post code KY12 8BG). Walk down William  Street until you reach the start of the Berrylaw path on your right hand side (signed for Dean Plantation). The path takes you across fields to reach Knockhouse Farm. Go straight on at the farm (the path goes around the right hand side) across further fields and follow the path which does a dog leg to your right.

Turn right when you reach Lundin road and walk up the road (no pavement) to the entrance to Dean Plantation which would make an alternative start point for the walk.

At the green barrier gate across the entrance of the forest, go left onto a dirt path before the barrier. This section can be rather muddy after heavy rain but it does soon dry out a bit. Keep right at the Y junction and go straight on at the X roads, then keep straight on (right) so that you are above the ravine of the burn. Keep the burn to your left and follow the path through an area of old beech trees keeping up high. In May look down onto the bluebells. You will join the main forest track at an area of conifers. Turn left but before you reach the bridge with the barriers turn left again onto another dirt path.

This next path takes you alongside the burn now at a lower level. The burn is to your right and to your left is the steep bank where you were walking earlier. The path will cross the burn 4 times and after a period of rain this may entail wet feet. The final 5th river crossing is at the very edge of the forest where the burn is channelled through a pipeline, thus keeping your feet dry! If you’ve crossed the burn 5 times you should now be on the right hand side.

Go up the steps to your right and follow the path westwards along the southern edge of the forest. This path stays close to the edge of the woods and benefits from the sun and so is considerably drier than the previous paths. There are also views south over the open fields in between the trees. Keep to this path ignoring any side paths going off to your right. After about 2km you will reach the end of the forest and emerge on to a quiet road with a farm to your left.

Turn right on to this road and enjoy the open views for about 500m to reach the junction with the Alloa to Dunfermline Cycle Track where the road turns to the right. Leave the road to join the cycle track turning right towards Dunfermline. The route back to the car park is now directly along the cycle track for almost 4km. Watch out for cyclists as it can get a bit busy at times.


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