Wizard’s Walk and Raith Lake

This short walk starting from Kirkcaldy’s popular Beveridge Park takes you through mixed woodland and down to the Raith Lake. Most of the paths have a gravel surface although some may be a bit muddy after heavy rain particularly around the Raith Lake.

Distance: 2.8 miles / 4.5 km

Ascent: 275 feet / 85 m

Start / finish: Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy

Facilities: Parking at the park, bus route, station nearby, toilets at the park, burger van at the park

Other nearby walks: Longbraes and Raith (the two walks could be linked together to form a longer walk)

Start from the Beveridge Park car park on Abbotshall Road in Kirkcaldy. Make your way to the southern corner of the park either across the park or clockwise around the outside edge. Next to the “dog education area” (yes it really is called that), you will see an information board explaining about the Wizard of Balwearie.

Leave the manicured park behind and follow the path into the woodlands. Keep right when you reach the Y junction. The path has a gravel surface and makes for straightforward walking. About half way along the path you should spot the wood carving of the wizard in the trees to your left. Continue on past the wizard until you reach a T junction.

At this point you could take a short cut and go right and then left down the hill to join the Mill Dam Path but to extend the woodland walking go left so that you are doubling back on yourself. You will again reach the area of the wizard carving but before you do, take the steep path on your right that goes downhill. If you are not happy with the steepness of this path use the alternative mentioned above.

When you reach the Mill Dam Path at the bottom of the steep slope turn right. However, you might like to take a wee detour to the river first. When you reach the Y junction with the wooden thistle carving keep left. The path on the right is the alternative route from the Wizard Walk. Follow the path alongside the burn and through the woods until it starts to approach the road. Keep right at a Y junction with a purple arrow and follow this path until it meets the main road.

Cross over the road and immediately opposite is a path into the woods at Raith Lake. During the summer months when the leaves are on the trees you will not see much of the lake. Note the wood carving of a sleeping bat as you follow the path around the head of the lake. Keep left and cross the small burn with wetlands to your left.

When you reach the next junction you need to keep right to complete the circular walk. However, if you would like to explore more of the Raith Lake area you can go left to walk alongside the lake for a while until the path becomes too muddy/overgrown and difficult to follow at which point return to the path junction.

Exit the woods at a grassy area and picnic bench. At this point you could choose to turn right and walk down a residential street back to Boglily Road and Beveridge Park. Doing so has the advantage of avoiding 250m of pavement walking along a busy road. However, if you want to include another section of woodland in your walk, go left and make your way to the busy main road. Turn right and follow the pavement of the main road for approximately 250m. A wildlife pond to your right provides a distraction from the busy traffic. Just after the 30mph sign, go right onto a path into the woods (not the path behind the houses). Follow this path through more woodland until you reach a fenced off area. Make your way around the outside of the fence to reach the road.

From here walk out to the main road and cross over (a pedestrian crossing helps here) to reach the north entrance to Beveridge Park. It is now a short walk through the park back to your starting point.

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