Bishop Hill

A short but satisfying leg stretch up Bishop Hill and Munduff Hill from Scotlandwell.

This route was first published by Fife Walking in May 2016.

Distance: 6 km / 4 mile

Ascent: 400m / 1300 fett

Terrain: steep track (can be muddy) and grassy hill paths

Start / finish: Scotlandwell

Facilities: parking at Portmoak Church,KY13 9HY (avoid church service times), refreshments in Scotlandwell

Other walks in the area:

Park in the car park at Portmoak Church (may not be available on Sunday mornings in which case there is additional parking along the road next to the recycling bins).

At the north west end of the car park on the opposite side of the road you will spot a gate into a field with newly planted trees. A feint path leads up the hill through the field to reach another gate. In late Summer this field may be overgrown and you might find it easier to walk back towards Scotlandwell until you see a sign for Bishop Hill pointing up some steps. Whichever way you go you will arrive at this gate. From here you need to take the path that goes right heading up the hill. There are a number of paths and you need the obvious one that goes up the hill.

Follow this path which will zig zag and lead you past a viewpoint, then up through some trees to reach a new gate leading on to the open hillside. Head up the hillside until you reach an old quarry area on your right. At this point the path for Munduff Hill bends round to the right along the top of the quarry (if you go straight on it will take you to the area of Bishop Hill). Follow the Munduff Hill path which will wind its way up alongside the trees to the hummocky area of Munduff Hill and the golf ball.

After enjoying the view, follow the path that leads north west across open ground (you can include the additional lumps and bumps around here if you wish). When you reach a junction with a well made path, go straight on through the gate directly towards the summit of Bishop Hill which you should be able to see unless visibility is poor.

After enjoying the summit views, descend Bishop Hill to the south west to reach yet another gate. However, if you descend to the west and go over to the fence, which you can follow to the gate, you will be able to get a glimpse of Carlin Maggie (a good viewing point is at NO 184 043).

Go through the gate. From the gate there is an obvious grassy path across the plateau. Follow this for 100m then look for a path on your right hand side. There are two paths branching off from this point and you want to take the first one going south that stays up high, not the one going steeply downhill. Follow this path which soon becomes more obvious and easy to follow. After passing a wall, keep to the higher level path which leads round the side of the hill above the rocks.

Now comes the slightly tricky part. Approximately 320m after the wall a feint path crosses the path that you are on. Turn right on to this path to reach a promontory used by paragliders. To the left of this rocky promontory is the start of a very steep path that descends to Kinesswood. This path is steep and well worn in places so could be slippy.

When you reach the edge of Kinesswood, turn left on to the waymarked path which is known as the Michael Bruce Way. This path will take you past the golf course and into Kilmagad Wood, eventually bringing you back to the gate at the top of the field where you started from.

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bishop hill route map
bishop hill route map

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