Craigluscar Hill

On the outskirts of Dunfermline this short 2.5 mile walk with 140m of ascent takes you to the site of an iron age fort with fantastic views. There are numerous grassy paths around Craigluscar Hill and its offshoot Castle Craig, the suggested route below aims to explore a wide area of the hillside and ascends the hill by its more gentle north side. Most of the paths on the hill itself are grassy but some of them can be rather muddy after heavy rain. Parts of the hillside have been planted with young trees.

There is a small parking area at the end of the road at grid reference NT 059 907. The road leading to the car park is rather rough and pot holed so take your time driving it. After turning left at a barn, there is a gate across the road that you may need to open, please close it after you.

A path starts directly from the car park through a small wooden gate. After passing through the second gate turn left into the woods beside the fence. The path soon become a bit more obvious although it can be a bit wet underfoot at times. As it starts to go round the hill, the path moves to the outside of the woods and becomes a bit more grassy. Keep on the path until you reach an obvious junction on the north west side of the hill.

Keep right at this junction to follow the path round the back of the woods. If you go left it takes you into the woodland which is rather muddy in places so maybe best avoided. The path winds its way around the north side of the hill and eventually reaches a wall.

After crossing through the wall, turn right at the path junction to start going up Castle Craig. This is a gentle grassy ascent. Keep right at the next two junctions going back through the wall. To complete a circuit of Castle Craig, keep right at all junctions  and follow the path as it curves left to reach the summit area. Continue onward as the path circles round to come back to the wall at the same spot where you were earlier.

Pass through the wall and go second left at the 5 way junction. This takes you downhill to the back of Craigluscar Hill. Keep straight on at the next three junctions so that you go further round the back. Go left at a Y junction to go downhill and follow the path round to the right and into woodland. Keep right as the path goes uphill and follow the obvious track round to the left. The path becomes more pronounced as it goes uphill to a gate.

At the gate turn right to follow the wall up the hill. The path curves round to the right on now open hillside. Go straight on when you reach a path junction in a dip and follow the path up to the summit of the hill with its fine views. Just beyond the summit is an information board for the iron age fort.

Continue onwards past the board until you reach a fence on your left. Go through the fence and turn left to descend the hill through woodland. Very soon you will be back at the wooden gates at the car park.

There are many paths in the area and you may find it quite hard to follow the above route exactly. It doesn’t really matter which paths you take as they are confined to a small area so do explore them. If you are uncertain of the route back, the walk that runs across the hillside between Craigluscar and Castle Craigs leads directly downhill to the car park at its southern end.

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