Devilla Forest Four Lochs

Devilla Forest is a Forestry and Land Scotland owned and managed site to the north and east of Kincardine. There are many tracks and paths in the forest offering numerous possibilities for walking. Please note that as this is a working forest, from time to time forest operations may mean some areas are not accessible. There are currently operations taking place near to the car parking area which may affect this walk.

Distance: 8 miles / 13 km

Ascent:  410 feet/ 125 m

Terrain: unsurfaced paths (can be muddy) and forest roads

Start / finish: Devilla Car Park, A985 near Kincardine – grid ref NS 964 871

Facilities: FLS car park (free) , refreshments in Kincardine or Culross

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This 7 – 8 mile circular route starts from the FLS car park on the A985 to the east of Kincardine and takes in all four lochs in the forest. Some of the walking is on forest tracks but much of it is on uneven paths which can be muddy after heavy rain.

If you are not confident finding your way around the forest you may find it helpful to use a compass so that you can confirm that the paths/tracks that you are following are indeed leading in the right direction. If you get lost, do not panic. Nowadays there are a number of sign posts at key junctions which will point you back to the car park.

From the car park, follow the waymarked route for the Red Squirrel Trail which takes you along to Bordie Loch. This section is easy walking with board walks in some of the muddy places. When the track splits to go either side of the loch it is probably best to take the right hand option keeping the loch to your left for the best views.

At the end of the loch you reach the Pulpit Stone and the waymarked path turns to the left to go round the loch. Take a rough and sometimes muddy path straight ahead that continues westwards to meet a vehicle track and turn right on to the track.

At the crossroads go left still on a forest track which bends round to the right. When you reach a T junction turn right and follow the track round to the left heading approximately northwards. At the next T junction turn left. Follow this track passing under the power lines. After the power lines look for a rough path on your left hand side. This path takes you southwards along the eastern side of the Moor Loch where you will see bright yellow flag irises in June and colourful rhododendrons in May. The loch is home to a variety of wildlife. Follow the path which leads past a rather boggy area and an area of rhododendrons to reach the area of the Danes Camp and the Curling Pond. Beyond this point keep close to the rhododendrons on your right hand side and you will reach an area which gives access to the loch. If the water level is low there is a small sandy beach here. Now follow the path in a generally south east direction through the woods until you reach a forest track. Turn right on to the track.

Turn right again and walk passed a fenced area and house to reach yet another junction where you turn right. Now start looking for a rough path on your right hand side leading into the trees. This path will take you to the old dam where you turn left to walk alongside the loch on your right. Keep following the path until you reach an outflow area which you should cross over and then turn left on a track which leads back onto a vehicle track.

Turn right onto this track and follow it around the loch which you will get occasional glimpses of until you reach the next junction. Turn left to go up the hill, under the power lines. The main path bends round the left with a field and farm on your left hand side. Eventually you will reach the Peppermill Dam. Turn left so that the loch is to your right and walk to the dam. Here you need to cross the lade so that you can walk along the actual dam. If you cannot find a crossing point walk “up river” for a bit until you reach a suitable point. After walking across the dam, follow a path which takes you along the north side of the loch which is on your right hand side. Keep close to the water (do not turn northwards) until you reach the west end of the reservoir and the path goes into the trees. After a while you will reach a junction of 5 paths/tracks.

Take the second right turning here onto a forest track heading approximately south west. You will now be in a commercial forestry area. Go straight when you reach a crossroads still on a vehicle track. There is an open area to your right. At the southern end of the open grassy area, look for a rough path on your left hand side leading into the trees. Take this path which follows the north side of a small burn. After about 1km you will reach the final loch, the Keir Dam. Turn left so that the water is on your right and follow the path which leads eastwards along the north side of the reservoir. Follow this route in the same direction until you reach a vehicle track. Turn right onto this track so that you are heading south and follow it back to the car park (ignore the track that goes off to your right).

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