East Lomond Southern Approach

This 6.5 mile route tackles East Lomond (Falkland Hill) from the quieter Glenrothes side. There is about 330m of ascent in total but only the final ascent on to East Lomond is of appreciable steepness.

This route was first published by Fife Walking in January 2017.

The starting point is the Pitcairn Centre car park at the end of Moidart Drive in Glenrothes, post code KY7 6ET grid reference NO 266 034.

Take the left hand path from the car park (the path on its own) into the woods and turn right when you reach an obvious junction into newly planted woodland. When you reach the next junction turn right onto the well surfaced path with has a black arrow waymarker post. To your right in the field is a “stone circle” art installation. Return to the well made path after visiting the stone circle and follow it with its marker posts until you reach a sundial. Turn right at this point and follow the path round to the left.

When you start to see a house at the Formonthills car park turn right onto a grassy path, leaving the surfaced path. If you reach the car park you have overshot the path! Keep to the right at the next junction following a grass path with red arrow waymarker posts. Follow this path keeping left at a junction until you reach a T junction with a wooden bench. Go left at the bench still following the red arrow posts. The path takes you through a small area of woodland before it reaches some wooden mushroom seats and then a totem pole.

Leave the path at the totem pole going right up the hill on a grassy path to reach a white trig point. Leave the trig point in a generally north west direction (there are some grassy paths) to reach the trees. Keeping the trees to your left, walk northwards on a rough path to the corner of the field. Go through a gap in the trees on a path, still in a northwards direction, until you reach a field gate on your left. Go through the gate and cross the field to reach another gate which brings you out on to a surfaced farm road.Turn right on to the road and follow it northwards to a corner where it goes right.

At the corner, go through the gate on your left to use a track round the field edge with trees to your right. When you reach the field corner go right into the trees on an obvious track, turn left and walk through a rather dark section of forest. Keep following this track uphill as it leaves the trees and then follows the edge of a forestry plantation. Other farm tracks will appear on your left but stick to the track that you are on.

When you reach the end of the forest on your right you have two options. You could continue walking in the same northerly direction following the wall on your right for 450m over rough ground to reach a broken gate in the corner of the field. Alternatively stay on the track for a while longer and then strike off right across rough ground at a suitable point to again reach the same corner with the broken gate. A line of electricity poles provides a useful guide if taking the latter option.

After passing through the broken gate, turn left onto a good and well walked track and follow it for 1300m as it skirts the southern edge of East Lomond Hill. When you reach a gate on the western side of the hill you have the option of diverting to your left (through another gate) to visit a well preserved lime kiln if you wish. Go through the gate on your right and follow the well trodden path up the hill. This side of East Lomond is very eroded but you can avoid the worst of the erosion by following a line to the right of the main path. From the gate there is just under 100m ascent to the view point at the top of the hill.

After taking in the surrounding views descend in a south east direction to the high level car park next to the communications masts. There is a well used path from the summit to the car park. From the west end of the car park next to the green barrier, follow a grassy path southwards across heather and grass. Keep right at a junction to follow the path into a forest plantation of, initially pine trees, then later spruce.

When you reach a T junction in the forest go right and follow the path round to the left continuing downhill. The path can be a bit muddy here. When you reach a marker post turn right onto a wooden board walk to leave the trees.

There is now a surfaced path with a few easy open gates leading downhill. The path goes left and then right to take you alongside a strip of trees before reaching the Conland Burn. Cross over the burn on a wooden footbridge and go up the steps on the far side. Stay on the path (don’t go through the gate) which will now take you directly back to the car park between a deer fence and an old wall.


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