Fordell Woods Circuit

A short circular walk around the woodlands of the Fordell Estate between Dalgety Bay and Crossgates. This is just one possible walk in the area as there are a number of paths and tracks which can be explored. In the Spring the snowdrops in front of Fordell Castle are well worth a visit.

Distance: 5.6 km / 3.5 miles

Ascent: 100 m / 320 feet

Terrain: Unsurfaced (often muddy) paths

Start / finish : Dalgety Bay Station

Facilities: free parking at station, regular bus service, refreshments at the Compass nearby

Other routes nearby:

Start the walk  from the car park at Dalgety Bay Station. Head east along the main road until you see a bridge crossing the railway on your left. Cross over the bridge and follow the track. At the edge of the field you will see a narrow path to your right heading eastwards along the field edge. Follow this path which will turn left when it reaches the trees. This next section of the walk is along the route of an old mine railway. Continue northwards on this path until you reach a vehicle track in the Fordell Estate.

If you went right at this point it would bring you back to the A921 opposite the industrial estate in Dalgety Bay. However, we are going to turn left. Keep on the main track. Do not take the muddy track to the left unless you want to make a diversion to Fordell Castle. Ignore the track heading up hill on your right hand side. Walk approximately northward until you pass Vantage Farm on your right hand side. Turn left to continue along the track (alternatively you could walk in the woods themselves where there is a bit of a pathrather than stay on the track) until you reach a crossroads. Turning left at the crossroads leads to Fordell Castle, turning right leads to the main entrance to the estate on the B981.

Go straight on and start to look for a path leading into the woods on the left at a metal gate with a stile. If you continue straight on this will lead you through Fordell Gardens out to the B981. Cross the stile onto the somewhat muddy path. Follow this woodland path at the edge of the woods. There are alternative paths to your left which take you down to the river but the main path stays high up.

Stick to this path until a wide track crosses the path in front of you. Turn left onto this track (right takes you out to the B982) which does a U turn so that you are walking back in the direction you came. Follow the track down to the river and across a stone bridge. Once across the bridge leave the main track and turn right. You should now be heading southwards and following the course of the river. Eventually you will come out of the woods and can cross the field to the solitary tree from where a track leads back to the railway bridge you crossed at the start of the walk.

Fordell has a reputation locally for being muddy so wear boots if it has been raining recently.

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