Humbie Woods and Kemal’s Cut

Aberdour is better known for its coastal walking but Humbie Woods make a very pleasant contrast. Much quieter than the coastal routes often you will have the woods to yourself. The paths in the woods can be a bit muddy after heavy rain and some of them tend to get overgrown with bracken in the late Summer. This route uses the main paths through the woods which should be easier to follow.

This walk is an alternative to the Humbie Woods and Balram walk which entails crossing a field with sheep and may be best avoided during the lambing season.

Distance: 2.7 miles / 4.3 km

Ascent: 420 feet / 125 m

Start / finish: Aberdour

Other walks in the area:

Start from the east end of Aberdour where there is on street parking. Walk out of the village on the pavement alongside the road and around the right hand bend. Just after the corner you will see a farm track on the opposite side of the road. Take great care and cross the road (there is a blind corner) to reach this track.

Walk up the track until you start to approach the farm. Go through the gate to your right into the woods rather than going left to the farm. At the first Y junction that you reach, keep left on the path leaving the wider the track. This initial part of the walk through the woods keeps you close to the edge which will help as a guideline. When you reach a path junction you need to go right so that the fields outside the woods are to your left. Follow the path which should be fairly obvious until you reach a burn. The wooden bridge over the burn has damaged so you will need to make your own way across. Once on the other side keep the burn to your left and and find a path through the bracken.

This path continues in a roughly westerly direction and brings you to an area of bluebells. When you reach some rocks go right keeping the rocks to your left. There are hundreds of bluebells here during late Spring. The path now turns back east and goes slightly uphill through an area of birch trees. As this is one of the main paths through the woods it is usually easy to follow. Close to a pheasant feeding area you will reach a Y junction where you want to go left on what is now a wider path. Keep right at the next Y junction and then go left at a T junction. Follow the main track as it bears round to the right to reach a small hut.

Go through the gate at the hut (if you need to climb it do so at the hinged end) to join a wide track outside of the woods. Turn right on to this track which follows the edge of the field. There may be livestock in the field so best to keep dogs on a lead for a while. The track goes slightly uphill to reach another gate which is easier to open. After the gate the track goes left and then right through farmland which is fenced off so dogs can be off the lead again.

When the track reaches a T junction, go right towards the cottage which views across the Forth to your left. After the cottage, the track becomes a path and enters a wooded area between the fields. As the path starts to go downhill through the area known as Kemal’s Cut it may be muddy in places after heavy rain or overgrown in late Summer. Keep on the path until it rejoins the farm track where you were earlier before you entered the woods. Go left on to the track to reach the main road and the short walk back into Aberdour.


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