Inverkeithing, Dalgety Bay circular walk

The advantage of a circular walk is that you start and finish at the same point, so no need to retrace your steps or arrange transport to get back to the start.

This walk is a coastal and woodland route that starts and finishes at Ballast Bank, Preston Crescent, Inverkeithing. If you would prefer a shorter walk, then there are options to miss parts out. If using public transport you can easily start from Inverkeithing High Street.

Distance: 8 miles / 13 km

Ascent: 740 feet/ 225 m

Start / finish: Ballast Bank, Inverkeithing

Other walks in the area:

Start from Ballast Bank on Preston Crescent, Inverkeithing and walk to Dalgety Bay via the coastal path which is well signposted.  Follow the coastal path through Dalgety Bay. There are many woodland sections along this stretch of the coastal path. The area around the sailing club is good for wading birds in the winter months.

When you reach St Bridgets Kirk at the east end of Dalgety Bay, turn inland and follow the road up to the Cornerstone Church.

From this location go left towards the edge of the town. Walk for a short section through the new houses and the industrial estate to reach Central Way. Turn right on to Central Way to reach the main road. With extreme caution, cross the main road (which is fast and busy) to reach the track almost opposite (slightly left). This track takes you through fields with horses to reach Fordell Woods. Turn left at a junction in the woods on to the route of the old mine railway. Walk south back towards Dalgety Bay along this route. When you reach the current railway line go right to reach a bridge across the railway. Cross the bridge and turn right at the main road to reach Dalgety Bay railway station.

From this point cross over the roads (again with extreme care) and walk towards Inverkeithing on the south side of the main road. Turn left up the steps into Letham Hill Woods. The path zig zags up the hill. Follow the path along the hilltop until it opens out with a good view of the Forth Railway Bridge. Do not go down to the coastal path but stay up high, turn right and follow the path round the edge of Prestonhill Quarry (stay to the outside of the fence). The path will lead you down the hill and bring you out next to some garages a short distance from your start point.

If you want to shorten this walk, you can miss out Fordell by walking along Ridge Way through Donibristle Industrial Estate. It is also possible to miss out Letham Hill Woods by using the pavement/cycle track along the main road as far as Hillend Road (where the school is) and then walking back via the road to Ballast Bank.

Both Fordell and Letham Hill can be muddy at times.

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