Beinn na Lapp is an easy munro accessed from Corrour Station which gives a high (400m) start. It is easily achievable in between trains but if you want to make a few days of it, why not stay at the Loch Ossian Youth Hostel. There is no public road access to Corrour so you have to either take the train or walk in.

  • Distance: 11.7 km / 7.5 miles
  • Ascent: 600 m / 2000 feet
  • Terrain: hill paths and rough off path walking
  • Start / finish: Corrour Station on the West Highland Line

Route Map

route map Beinn na Lapp circuit

From the station take the track eastwards towards the youth hostel. Ahead of you you will see a classic example of a U shaped valley. When you reach a junction go left as if you were going to walk clockwise round the loch. Go left at the next junction on another landrover track. Look out for an ATV track going up the hillside on your righthand side. This track takes you directly up on to the shoulder of the hill becoming a path as it climbs higher. Don’t forget to stop from time to time to look back at the views behind you.

When the path reaches the shoulder of the hill at about 750m it turns right (north east) and the gradient eases off. Enjoy the pleasant walking along the hill to reach the summit cairn just after a small lochan.

A direct descent is a bit awkward due to crags on the east side of the hill. It’s probably easiest to get round the crags by keeping right and descending when you find an easy line. After the initial crags a descent more or less due East is relatively easy although the ground is rough. Keeping to the rocky bits rather than the peat/heather is probably easier. The slope steepens again towards the bottom of the hill so choose the easiest line for yourself. Once onto the flatter ground (which is rather boggy) you want to make for the corner of the forest at grid ref NN 390 686 where there is a firebreak in the trees. Initially the trees are well spaced out older pines and larches. At the above grid reference where the spruce plantation begins there is an easy to follow firebreak with an ATV vehicle track through it.

Very quickly you will reach the landrover track around the loch. If you are short of time then turn right to follow the track by its direct route back the station. If you have sufficient time before your train home, then you can extend the walk by walking around the loch the long way round (clockwise).

The Corrour Station House provides welcome refreshment whilst waiting for the train.