Fife Marilyns

Although mostly low lying, Fife does manage to boast of 7 marilyns within it’s bounds. Not as well known as the munros, the marilyns are “relative hills” meaning they are defined by theamount of height drop rather than absolute height. To qualify as a marilyn a hill must have a drop of at least 150m on all sides between it and neighbouring high ground. More information on the marilyns and relative hills is available on the Relative Hills of Britain website.

West Lomond522mFalkland
East Lomond424mFalkland
Benarty Hill356mBallingry
Largo Law290mUpper Largo
Norman’s Law285mBrunton
Cairnie Hill228mCollessie
Mount Hill221mCupar

Marilyns whose summits are just outwith the Fife boundary but with associated ground that makes up much of the Fife hills.

Bishop Hill461mScotlandwell
Innerdouny497mEastern Ochils

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