A circular route starting and ending at Aberdour, taking you along the coastal path as far as Burntisland before returning using inland paths and quiet roads. A small amount of road walking is required in Burntisland.

There are various options for doing this walk and the routes below are just suggestions.

  • Distance: 13.5 km / 8.4 miles (options to both lengthen and shorten)
  • Ascent: 250m / 830 feet
  • Terrain: Paths and tracks (uneven and potentially muddy in places) beach walking if extending to Kinghorn, some road walking
  • Start / finish: Aberdour train station (parking available)

Route Map

route map

From Aberdour station, exit the car park at the east end on a path alongside the railway line beside the castle. Cross over Hawkcraig Road and take the signed path opposite for Silversands. Follow this path or use the playing fields if it is muddy down to Silversands. Now follow the signs for the Fife Coastal Path to Burntisland. The path sticks close to the coastline until it reaches the outskirts of Burntisland. At this point follow the signs which take you through parkland and down to the High Street. A better alternative than the High Street though is to go up a flight of steps on your left as you head down Kirkton Road and use a high path which passes a good viewpoint. Whichever way you go, you want to end up at the east end of the High Street from where you cross over to the Links.

You can now either walk through the Links or if you prefer, go through the underpass and walk along the Promenade. At the end of the Links turn left into Kirkbank Road (church on the corner). From the end of the Promeade, turn left to walk back to Kinghorn Road, cross over and walk up Greenmount Road South, then turn right into Kirkbank Road.At the end of the road is a path to your left which brings you out next to the golf club. Cross over the road and turn right until you see a path with steps on your left heading up hill into the woods. Head up the hill until you reach an obvious path junction.

At this point you have a choice.

With the Binn

Turn left and follow the path that leads over the Binn (excellent viewpoint). After crossing the Binn turn to your right alongside a fence to join a track which leads to the Craigkelly TV mast. Turn left onto the access road and follow it back down to the Standing Stanes Road. Turn left on to this very quiet road which is great for easy walking or cycling. After about 2km you will reach the end of the road.

An alternative would be to descend west to a small reservoir and then use the Gale Slap Plantation route to reach the Standing Stane Road.

Including The Binn will add abotu 25m of ascent on to the walk.

Without the Binn

Go straight on at the junction following the Common Road (it’s actually a path) until it joins the Standing Stanes Road. Turn left and after about 3km you will reach the end of the road.

Both options

Cross over the A909 road (it’s fast and busy so take care) and pick up the farm track directly opposite. After about 1km this pleasant track with views across the Forth, reaches Long Gates cottages. The path goes straight on but the surface starts to deteriorate and can be muddy after heavy rain and overgrown in late Summer. The final section of this path leads downhill to bring you out at the corner on A921 east of Aberdour. This final section of the path is known to some as “Kemal’s Cut”. Take extreme caution crossing the A921 and use the pavement on the opposite side to walk back into Aberdour.

Extending the walk to Kinghorn

For a longer walk continue through Burntisland to Pettycur Bay. This can be either on the sands at low tide or by following the signed coastal route on the pavement alongside the Burntisland to Kinghorn road. The former is the better option! On reaching Pettycur, head up the steps before the harbour and then go up a steep stepped path beside the cemetery. A bit of road walking is now required to reach the golf club on the northern side of the main road. From the golf club, a track goes up by Grangehill Farm to the B923 road close to Kinghorn Loch. Cross the main road and go left on the pavement to reach a path on the right with a waymarker post. Follow this path, passing a picnic site, to reach a crossroad junction close to the remains of Binnend village.

At this point you rejoin the routes described above back to Aberdour. Options are either over The Binn (straight on) or the Common Road to the Standing Stane Road (turn right).

This will lengthen the route to about 11 miles (18 km), with a total ascent of around 275m.

Short Cut via the Gorse Path

To shorten the route, leave the coastal path when it reaches Kirkton Road. Instead of following the coastal path right, go left up hill to the main road. Cross over the road and head up through the houses of Church Street, Dollar Road, Grange Road and Kilmundy Drive (other routes are of course possible). At the western end of Kilmundy Drive is the start of a path which will take you out to the A909 opposite the Gorse Path. The Gorse Path has been cleared by local volunteers so that it is in a usable condition. Follow the path up through fields to join the Standing Stane Road close to Dunearn. Return to Aberdour via Kemal’s Cut as described above.

This will shorten the route to just over 6 miles (10 km), with a total ascent of around 200m.