Kinghorn Loch

The area around Kinghorn Loch includes a network of woodland paths for short strolls. However, it is a rather compact area. The two routes suggested here are slightly longer and will keep the walker entertained for a couple of hours. They could of course be linked together to form a longer route.

Both routes start and finish at Kinghorn Loch where there is parking and a part-time cafe at the Ecology Centre. The Kinghorn Loch and Grangehill route could also be started from Kinghorn where there are public transport options.

Route Map

Kinghorn Loch route map
Red: Kinghorn Loch and Grangehill; Blue: Roddanbraes and Standing Stane Road

Kinghorn Loch and Grangehill (red on route map)

  • Distance: 4.5 km / 2.8 miles
  • Ascent: 100m / 330 feet
  • Terrain: Paths and tracks. Some of which can be muddy.

From the northside car park, walk around the east side of the loch passing the Ecology Centre. A path takes you round the east side to the B923 road. Cross over the road taking extreme care and join the path on the opposite side. The path doesn’t look particularly enticing at this point but it does improve. This, the Burnside Path follows the edge of the golf course to take you to Kinghorn. Follow the grass path around the edge of the golf course to reach the club house.

Once at the golf club, take the road / farm track up the hill with the golf course on your right and caravans on your left. Look back for good views across Kinghorn and the Forth to Edinburgh. The track curves round to the right and continue upwards to Grangehill Farm. Please keep dogs on leads when passing through the farm area.

As the track goes over the hill the views change so that you are looking across to Kinghorn Loch. Note the ruin to your left. This is reputed to be the home of the last of the Kinghorn Witches. If you look closely at the walls you will also find coins embedded in the crevices. Follow the track downhill until you reach the B923 road. Turn right and walk along the pavement until you see a track on the opposite of the road where the pavement ends. Cross over the road taking extreme care.

Go through the gate and follow this track. Ignore the first path to your right which is signed as the treetop walk. Take the next path on your right which will lead you around the lochside through the woodlands. This section could be muddy after heavy rain. The path exits the woodland at Kinghorn Loch.

Roddanbraes and Standing Stane Road (blue on route map)

  • Distance: 6 km / 3.7 miles
  • Ascent: 120 m / 400 feet
  • Terrain: Unsurfaced paths which can be muddy, field edges and quiet tarmac road.

From the north side of the loch walk west using the woodland paths around the lochside. These paths can be muddy at times. When you reach a surfaced track turn left heading down towards the main road. Before reaching the road however, is a footpath on your right signed for Roddanbraes. . Take this path which leads to ruin at Roddanbraes via the Troll Bridge.

After Roddanbraes the path continues along the edge of an agricultural field (stick the path don’t walk across the crops) and then across a grassy field to join the Common Road path from Burntisland. Turn right on to the Common Road and follow it up hill for about 3/4km until it reaches the public road. Turn right on to this road which is known as the Standing Stane Road. After about 1/2 km look across the field on your left to spot the two standing stanes. Continue on along the road for a further 1km to a crossroads.

At the crossroads turn right on to Kissing Tree Lane. You will see the two kissing trees on each side of the road. Walk along this road for just over 1km which is a bit undulating until you reach a farm track on right with a sign for Craigencalt. Turn right on to this track and follow it round to the left passing some quaint cottages, then downhill through Craigencalt Farm back to the start