A-Z of Fife’s Hills: W

W – West Lomond

For the final instalment in this series of posts the featured hill will be Fife’s highest point, West Lomond.

There are numerous ways of accessing the 522m West Lomond. The most popular (and hence very busy) route is from Craigmead along a rather boring track. Quieter and more interesting routes are from the Bunnet Stane near Gateside, from Glenvale via John Knox’s Pulpit and the Devil’s Burdens, and from Falkland via the Maspie Den or Arraty Den. The more intrepid walker however will probably enjoy a clamber up the cleft of Craigen Gaw on the northern escarpment. Whichever approach route is used, once at the foot of the hill, the walker then has a choice of a direct ascent up the steep eastern / northern slopes or following the track around to the western side for a more gentle ascent.

The hill’s three geological features of the Bunnet Stane / Maiden’s Bower, Devil’s Burdens and John Knox’s Pulpit are all worthy of a visit and can be included in a circular walk ascending from the Bunnet Stane and descending via Glenvale (or vice versa).

Overview map of West Lomond routes
Red: routes from Glenvale / Bunnet Stane; Yellow: routes from Falkland; Blue: routes from Craigmead; Green: routes from Holl

Multiple routes to, and up, the hill are described on the West Lomond page.

So that’s it, although there is a Yellow Hill in Fife that could have been used for Y, it is not a hill that is likely to appeal to the majority of people being a rather scrubby summit protected by electric fences!

A recap of the A to Z

A: Aberdour (Cullaloe Hills)

B: Benarty Hill

C: Cairnie Hill

D: Drumcarrow Craig

E: East Lomond

F: Fleecefaulds Hill and Flagstaff Hill (note since the post was published the summit of Fleecefaulds Hill has “moved” – check hill-bagging.co.uk for latest information).

G: Glenduckie Hill

H: Hill of Beath

I: Innerdouny Outliers

K: Knock Hill and Saline Hill

L: Lucklaw Hill

M: Mount Hill

N: Norman’s Law

O: Ormiston Hill

P: Park Hill (Cleish Hills)

R: Redwells Hill

S: St Ninians

T: The Binn

U: Upper Largo (Largo Law)

W: West Lomond

Happy exploring!

A to Z of Fife’s Hills : E

East Lomond (Falkland Hill)

This is possibly the most well known hill in Fife and as such attracts many visitors to its summit viewpoint. At 448m it has the distinction of being the second highest hill in the Kingdom.

There are numerous routes by which the walker can reach the summit. For the walker who “doesn’t do hills” it is possible to drive up to the high car park on its eastern slopes from where it is a straightforward walk with less than 100m of ascent (climbing) to reach the summit. Other popular and busy routes start from Craigmead and Falkland. Much quieter are the approaches from the south starting from the Pitcairn / Formonthills area of north Glenrothes.

The summit was the site of an iron age fort and there have been recent excavations on the site. The Living Lomonds Partnership has produced an artist’s impression of what the site may once have looked like.

A well preserved lime kiln sits at the foot of the hill on its south western flank. A wander around this site makes a worthwhile addition to an ascent of the hill.

Check out Fife Walking’s East Lomond page for more information on routes up this hill.