Ben Chonzie Circular

Most list ticking munro baggers go up Ben Chonzie from Invergeldie using a good landrover track, then following a fence across to the summit. However, with a bit of imagination, a more adventurous spirit and a willingness to carry a map and compass (and use them), some interesting circular walks can be undertaken.

This page suggests some possible circular routes, two from Invergeldie and one from the Turret Dam.

On all of these routes you must be properly equipped for a full day out in the Scottish Hills and be able to use a map and compass. In winter ice-axe and crampons should be carried and you should have the knowledge of how to use them.

Route Map

Ben Chonzie circular route map
Red: circuit from Turret Dam; Blue “normal” ascent from Invergeldie; Magenta; alternative descents to Invergeldie

Invergeldie Route 1     7.5 to 8 miles with 750m of ascent

From the small parking area at Invergeldie near Comrie (grid ref NN 742 273) use the “standard” route to reach the summit of the hill. Walk up to and round the farm, then follow the landrover track up to the south shoulder of Ben Chonzie. You can either stick with the landrover track up to the ridge line or you can follow a boot made path that strikes off in a northerly direction before reaching the ridge line to short cut the corner. Either way you emerge on to the plateau and can follow the old fence line initially north west and then north east to reach the summit cairn.

To return, initially head back along the ridge in a south west direction following your outward route for about 400m. Then head directly down the west side of the hill on rough and sometimes heathery ground to reach the landrover track alongside the Invergeldie Burn. This track will bring you back to a junction with the track that you used for your outward route.

Invergeldie Route 2   11.5 to 12 miles with 900m of ascent

As above, follow the “standard route” to the summit.

This time, descend initially in the direction you came up but don’t strike off down the hill. Stay up high and follow a grassy path in a south east direction all the way to Carn Chois trig point. Return from Carn Chois to the coll at NN 784 282 then descend in a south west direction picking up a landrover track. Follow the track down the hill to the farm. At NN 768 254 you need to cross the burn and pick up a path that takes you alongside the River Lednock to Funtulich. The final section is a road walk back up to the car park.

For a shorter route, miss out the section to Carn Chois.

Turret Circular route   10 miles with 800m of ascent

A more demanding route so allow plenty of time. This route doesn’t benefit from the easy ascent of the previous two routes but is a lot more satisfying.

From the Turret Dam car park at grid ref NN 821 264 follow the track along the east side of the loch to its end. Then pick your way up through a gap in the cliffs on to the Ben Chonzie ridge. Continue along the ridge gaining height to reach the summit cairn.

After the summit head initially south west then turn south east to follow a fence line and path to Carn Chois summit.

After Carn chois, head south for Beinn Liath then make your way down the rough hillside to pick up the landrover track on the west side of the loch to return to the start point.