A short easy circular walk up Ben Gulabin, the prominent hill that guards the entrance to Glenshee. Ben Gulabin is a 806m high corbett so despite the shortness of the walk  don’t underestimate the weather conditions you may encounter on the summit. Ensure you are properly equipped for a high level walk.

  • Distance: 5 km / 3 miles
  • Ascent: 450 m / 1500 feet
  • Terrain: Landrover track, hill path, path-less heather hillside
  • Start / finish: Spittal of Glenshee. Parking space at grid ref NO 114 713 at start of landrover track.

Route Map

route map

From the gate at the small parking space on the side of the main road at grid ref NO 114 713 a landrover track leads up and round the hill. Follow this track round to the north east side of the hill. At grid ref NO 108 726 a steep track strikes off to your left directly up the hill. Cross a bit of wet ground to join this track.

The initially stony track becomes more grassy as it climbs up the hill. When it reaches the coll, it turns right and becomes a grassy path leading across the summit plateau to the summit cairn.

Return initially in the same direction, but instead of turning left where the track starts to go down hill, continue onwards in the same direction on the grassy path. When you reach a small pile of stones at grid ref NO 105 719, the path turns right and proceeds to the south top where a large cairn is located. From here there are excellent views over the lower ground to the south.

To descend, follow the path onwards beyond the cairn for a couple hundred metres (exact distance isn’t important) before striking left and making a descending traverse in a north easterly direction on short heather. Pick the easiest line of descent down the hill until you reach a shallow gully where a burn starts to form. Keep to your left to cross the top of the burn then come down the left hand side of the burn. When you reach another shallow gully again keep left to avoid the burn. The terrain now starts to become more grassy than heathery and soon you will rejoin the outward track a short distance from the road.