A 9 mile circular route linking together many of the signposted and core paths in the Crieff area. Many options are available to adapt the route for your own preferences.

Distance: 14 km / 9 miles

Ascent: 400m / 1300 feet

Terrain: Mix of unsurfaced and uneven paths/tracks and surfaced paths.

Start / finish: McRosty Park, Crieff

Route Map

Crieff Circular route map

Starting from McRosty Park take the path on the north west side of the river known as Lady Mary’s Walk. This is a delightful riverside and woodland walk for almost 2.5km, until the paths turns away from the river crossing the route of an old railway. Keep right at the first junction and left at the next junction following the Laggan Hill path. The unsurfaced path heads uphill through woodland to reach another gate where it turns right at a signpost, now in more open countryside. The gradient eases off for the next section passing over Laggan Hill. At the next signpost keep left for Turret Bank. A fallen tree requires to be negotiated as the path heads downhill towards Currochs. On reaching the farm, the path turns right and then left through a gate into a field. There are signs here advising of livestock in the fields and requesting dogs to be kept on leads. Cross the field to reach a further gate leading out to a path behind the houses. On reaching the road, turn left for a short distance to the main road at Dalvreck.

At this point the route can be shortened by turning right over the bridge and walking around the playing fields (if they are not in use) to return to McRosy Park. If the playing fields are in use, follow the road round to the park entrance.

Assuming yo are doing the full route, cross over the main road and pick up the path on the opposite side signed for the The Hosh. Follow the path to the right into the woods the proceed northwards above the road and distillery, passing allotments. As Hosh is approached, the path meets a wider track. Go right downhill to the road at Bridge of Hosh. Turn left over the bridge. Soon after the bridge another signposted track heads off to the right. Use this track to reach the river. Cross the river on a footbridge (or wade through the ford).

Once over the river there is the option for shortening the route by turnign right on to the Hosh path to Dalvreck Bridge and either walking around the playing fields (if not in use) or following the road, to return to McRosty Park.

For the full route follow the main track uphill passing an activity centre. The track has now become a road but there is a footpath to the side.

Turn left at an obvious path junction leaving the road. The surfaced path crosses a field area to reach the woods of The Knock. Follow the path uphill, keeping left on what is now an unsurfaced path. Stick with this path along the north west die of the hill until it turns sharp right and heads up the hill. On reaching an obvious track, turn left circling the northern side of the hill. On the north east side of the hill, where the views south open out an unsurfaced path heads uphill to the right. This path also marks the start of a mountain bike trail. Keep to the right on the path, when the bike trail starts. The path now makes its way up through felled woodland to reach the 279m summit of the Knock of Crieff. Stay with the path as it descends the south western side of the hill, keeping left at a junction. At the next junction go left onto the obvious surfaced track/path. This path heads back uphill to reach the 244m Knock viewpoint.

Descend south west, keeping on the main path to reach a surfaced road close to holiday lodges. Cross over the road and follow the signpost for the footpath to Knock Road to the right of the holiday lodges. An unsurfaced path heads off to the right downhill to meet a wide track. Go right on this track following the sign for the Hosh. After passing a house the track enters woodland and turns north. Keep left at a junction, heading for Culcrieff (right goes back to the activity centre). On reaching the blue lodges go left on to Lovers’ Walk around the lodges and then left on a track signed for Comrie Road. This track heads down hill to reach the main road.

At this point either follow the track out to the road, cross over and go left on the pavement and then go through a metal gate on the right hand side.

Or, go through the underpass and walk around the school playing fields (if they are not in use) to reach the metal gate.

From the gate a path heads around the weir and through McRosty Park back to the parking area.