Glas Tulaichean Circular

The ascent of the Glas Tulaichean munro is very straightforward as a landrover track goes almost the whole way to the summit. At almost 3,500 feet it is however a potentially serious walk in remote countryside. Therefore please ensure you are properly equipped for a Scottish hillwalk and have navigation skills. In winter ice-axe and crampons are likely to be required.

  • Distance: 15.5 km / 9.56 miles
  • Ascent: 750 m / 2400 feet
  • Terrain: Landrover track and rough hill paths
  • Start/finish: Spittal of Glenshee. Dalmunzie Hotel where it is possible to park for a small fee.

Route Map

route map

For a small fee it is possible to drive up the private road and park at the back of Dalmunzie Castle Hotel (grid ref NO 090 712). An alternative is to park at the small parking area near the foot of the road and walk up the road to the hotel.

From the hotel car park walk along the continuation of the road towards Glenlochsie Farm. Before you reach the farm follow the signs that direct you through a gate into a field on your left. After crossing the field following the marker posts you will rejoin the road which has now become a landrover track.

After about 750m on the landrover track you will start to approach a ford where the track crosses the river. Before this point, look behind you to your right for a grass path that goes up the hillside to join the route of the old estate railway. The combination of landrover track, path and railway make a zig zag shape! If you can’t spot the path, just head up the through the heather until you reach the obvious railway line before the wire fence. Now follow the route of the railway for about 2km to reach the ruin of Glenlochsie Lodge. The first burn you come to has a bridge but the burn at Glenlochsie Lodge is no longer bridged so you will need to ford it to reach the ruin.

Rejoin the landrover track at this point and simply follow it to the summit area. There’s not much to say other than it is just over 4km with 500m of ascent. Although the track steepens for a while it does level off to give some welcome respite before the final steepening to the summit.

When the track curves left and almost doubles back on itself to start going down the western shoulder it is time to leave it. At this point it is just 200m east to the summit on a path / rough track. Enjoy the views from the summit trig point noting the remoteness of the area. The nearest habitation is Fealar Lodge, the highest permanently inhabited building in the country. Note also Loch nan Euan (Loch of the Birds) to the north east; a lovely remote high lochan.

To descend, head along the south east shoulder on a rough track / path through short cropped heather, with occasional old fence posts. Aim for the 824m hillock 2km distant. After this point the path turns more southerly (right) as it heads towards the next rise in the ground. Stay on the crest of the hill on the feint path with the fence posts rather than following the wider track around the side of the hill. Keep up high for as long as possible on the flat shoulder even though the path fades out at times. When the flat ground comes to an end, descend in a south east direction aiming for Glen Lochsie. There is a small cairn at the point where the descent starts. Pick your way down the hill choosing the easiest route through the heather. There are feint paths that can be used to aid your descent. As you lose height the terrain becomes more grassy and easier until you reach the railway route in Glen Lochsie close to a footbridge and gate.

From here retrace your footsteps for 1.7km along first the railway line, then the grass zig zag path, and finally the landrover track, to reach the area of Glenlochsie Farm. Remember to cross the field, rather than walk on the track past the farm and cottages, to return to the hotel.