The Uplands of Fife

Fife is not exactly hill country. However, it does have a number of fine smaller hills which make excellent viewpoints of the surrounding low lying countryside.

Only nine of the Fife hills are higher than 300m, with a further 5 listed as being between 250m and 300m. Perhaps of more interest given the flatness of the Fife countryside is a hill’s prominence i.e. the minimum drop between it and neighbouring hills. In this respect Fife boasts seven Marilyns (hills with 150m prominence), seven further Humps (hills with 100m prominence, and a further 98 Tumps (hills with 30m prominence).

The list here here includes all hills that are listed on the Database of British and Irish Hills along with selected other hills. Whilst many of the hills make for good walks for most walkers, some of the lesser known ones are likely to appeal primarily to the hill bagger / enthusiast as access may not be straightforward. Ensure you follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code as some of these summits are located in working countryside.

The site is recommended for keeping tabs on your hill progress along with hints and tips for accessing the hills.

NameHeightDropCategoryParent marilynSummit notes
West Lomond522m405mMarilynTrig pillar
East Lomond (Falkland Hill)448m155mMarilynHillfort site, trig pillar nearby, topograph
Knock Hill364m112mHumpDumglowTrig pillar
Saline Hill359m104mHumpDumglow
Benarty Hill356m228mMarilynTrig pillar, hillforts nearby
Easter Cairn355m32mTumpDumglowHillfort site
Park Hill339m33mTumpDumglow
Wether Hill335m61mTumpDumglow
Outh Hill324m36mTumpDumglow
Largo Law290m197mMarilynTrig pillar
Norman’s Law285m209mMarilynHillfort site, trig pillar, topograph
Lumbennie Hill284m139mHumpInnerdounyTrig pillar
Pitlour Hill275m53mTumpInnerdounyTrig pillar nearby
Cult Hill264m63mTumpDumglowTrig pillar, Hillfort site nearby
Clatto Hill248m91mTumpLargo LawTrig pillar
Lathalmond Hill245m37mTumpDumglow
Down Law241m34mTumpLargo LawTrig pillar, Hillfort site
Hill of Beath240m82mTumpDumglowTrig pillar
Dunicher Law240m73mTumpLargo LawHillfort site
Ormiston Hill236m103mHumpInnerdounyHillfort site
Craig Rock235m31mTumpLargo LawHillfort site
Cairnie Hill228.9m150.4mMarilyn
Craigluscar Hill228m41mTumpDumglowHillfort site
Bandrum225m43mTumpDumglowStanding stone, Bandrum Temple nearby
Dunearn Hill223.6m98.7mTumpDumglowHillfort site
Mount Hill221m163mMarilynTrig pillar, Hopetoun Monument
Cullaloe Hills219m82mTumpDumglowCullaloe Temple and Cullaloe Tower nearby
Glenduckie Hill218m85mTumpNorman’s LawHillfort site
Drumcarrow Craig218m74mTumpLargo LawTrig pillar, Drumcarrow Broch, hillfort nearby
Dunbog Hill216m54mTumpCairnie HillTrig pillar
Flagstaff Hill214m43mTumpLargo Law
Black Hill213m104mHumpInnerdouny
Pepper Knowe212m39mTumpLargo LawTrig pillar
Fleecefaulds Hill212m 32mTumpLrgo Law
Hill of Tarvit211m88mTumpLargo LawTrig pillar, Monument
East Hill209m37mTumpDumglow
Orrock Hill205m49mTumpDumglowTrig pillar
Cowden Hill204m116mHumpInnerdouny
Black Craig / Green Craig203m73mTumpNorman’s LawHillfort site
Caskerdo Hill202m39mTumpLargo Law
Yellow Hill200m33mTumpInnerdounyTrig pillar nearby
Cunnoquhie West199m36mTumpCairnie Hill
Baspard Hill197m38mTumpDumglow
Balmeadow Hill196m45mTumpCairnie Hill
Woodheads Hill196m41mTumpInnerdounyTrig pillar
Pilkham Hills194m32mTumpDumglow
Stoneyhall Hill194m31mTumpDumglow
The Binn193mDumglowTopograph
Redwells Hill192m75mTumpBenarty HillBlythe’s Tower nearby
Lucklaw Hill190m117mHumpMount HillTrig pillar
Green Craig189m43mTumpNorman’s Law
Tay Mount189m42mTumpNorman’s LawTrig pillar,
Prospect Hill188m56mTumpNorman’s Law
Walton Hill188m60mTumpLargow Law
Green Hill186mNorman’s Law
Kellie Law184m46mTumpLargo LawTrig pillar
Craigbeath Hill181m30mTumpDumglow
St Ninians East181m49mTumpDumglowLand Art
Coultra Hill178m29mNorman’s Law
Lindores Hill178m65mTumpNorman’s Law
Forret Hill173m57mTumpMount Hill
Myrecairnie Hill173m62mTumpMount HillTrig pillar
St Ninians West170m32mTumpDumglow
Albion Park169m36mTumpDumglow
Cragifoodie Hill169m52mTumpMount Hill
Clatto Hill (north)168m56mTumpLargo LawTrig pillar
Templehall Hill167m30mTumpDumglow
Whirly Kips167m30mTumpNorman’s Law
Bankhead of Raith164m56mTumpDumglow
Monquey Hill164m39mTump Dumglow
Starr Law164m41mTump Norman’s Law
Kedlock Hill163m 44m Tump Mount Hill
Airdit Hill 162m39m Tump Mount Hill
Craigsanquhar159m31m Tump Mount Hill
Tollie Hill159m33m Tump Dumglow
Cormie Hill158m48m Tump Dumglow
Hill of Kirkforthar157m35m Tump Largo Law
Murdochcairnie Hill157m53m Tump Mount Hill
Foodie Hill156m67m Tump Mount Hill
Higham Hill155m39m Tump Norman’s Law
Emily Hill154m32mTumpNorman’s Law
Brunton Hill153m29m Norman’s Law
Cunnoquhie East151m37mTumpCairnie Hill
Darklaw Hill150m 47mTumpMount Hill
Hare Law149m46m Tump Benarty Hill
Kilmaron Hill147m57m Tump Mount Hill
Newton Hill144m41m Tump Norman’s Law
Keir Brae139.4m30.7m Tump Dumglow
Balgreggie Craigs138m37m Tump Benarty Hill
Moonzie Hill138m37m Tump Benarty Hill
Dalginch Hill137.5m41m Tump East LomondTrig pillar nearby
Shambleton Hill134m35m Tump Norman’s Law
Colluthie Hill130m41m Tump Mount Hill
North Hill123m55mTumpMount Hill
St Fort Hill123m89m Tump Norman’s Law
Balcarres Craig123m31mTumpLargo LawFolly
Grangehill118m38m Tump Dumglow
Craig Law112m61mTumpNorman’s Law
Hare Law111m43mTumpNorman’s LawWaterloo Tower
Chester Hill107m33mTumpNorman’s Law
Round Hill106m39m Tump Norman’s Law
Scurr Hill104m42mm Tump Norman’s Law
Peathill103m57m Tump Dumglow
Pilmuir Knock100m33m Tump Largo Law
Letham Hill95m60m Tump Dumglow
Rigghead Hill95m36m Tump Dumglow Trig pillar
Knock Hill91m47m Tump Norman’s Law
Hill of Carslogie87m41m Tump Mount Hill
Castland Hill85m52m Tump Dumglow Trig pillar
Pinnel Hill82m44m Tump Dumglow
Hillfield Crescent77.7m65m Tump Dumglow
Ferry Hills71m65m Tump Dumglow
Kincraig Hill65m49m Tump Largo LawTrig pillar