Calais Muir Woods are an old woodland in the Dunfermline area adjoining Dulloch Park. The paths in the woods have been recently resurfaced and graded, and are good for an “all abilities” walk or a short stroll. The following route suggestion uses these paths along with other nearby core paths for a longer route. It is only a suggestion and can easily be shortened or adapted. A walk in this area could easily be combined with a walk in Fordell Woods.

Distance: 6 km / 3.7 miles

Ascent: 50 m / 160 feet

Terrain: Flattish paths and tracks. Paths in Calais Muir Woods are surfaced but others are not. Final section is on rough ground, although this can be avoided.

Start / finish: Duloch Sports and Leisure Centre, Dunfermline

Facilities: Parking and cafe at Duloch Sports and Leisure Centre. Additional parking and refreshments at Duloch shopping centre. On a bus route.

Route Map

Calais Muir and Duloch route map
Red: route as described; Blue: other options

Start the walk by heading left through Duloch park on the surfaced path. At Duloch Pond cross the small bridge and walk around the west side on a grassy path (can be a bit wet after rain). Follow the path around the pond to reach the southern end. Go left on a rough path into the woods.

On joining the surfaced path network (the red Gypsy Way trail) turn left and follow it to the northern end of the woods. Follow the path round to the right. There are additional rough paths in the open land on the left which are popular for dog walking. Keep to the path heading around the northern edge and round to the right ignoring the blue route. Walk southwards on the path along the eastern edge of the woods until a rough path on the left hand side is reached. There is a purple core path marker at this point. Follow this rough path out to the main road.

Take care crossing over the road and pick up the path on the opposite side of the road on the left hand side of the Amazon warehouse. Initially this path is well surfaced but after crossing a bridge over the motorway it become an unsurfaced farm track. Follow the track to a T junction and turn right to head south. After about 1km this path reaches the busy Aberdour Road.

Go right on to the pavement over the motorway bridge. 250m after the bridge is a gate on the right which marks the start of a rough core path across the field. This path follows the edge of the field next to the trees but it can be hard to follow and difficult underfoot. If in doubt, an alternative road walk is possible (see later). Keep to the left of the Amazon roundabout following the tree line. It should now be possible to find a bit of a path out to the road.

To avoid this section it is possible to keep to the pavement and turn right into Beauly Crescent. From here there are connecting paths to Cowal Place, Kyle Crescent and Lorn Place. Cross the grass at a play area to join a rough path out to Sandpiper Drive.

Cross over Sandpiper Drive to reach the grass on the opposite side and an entrance back into Calais Muir Woods. From here there is a path directly back to the Leisure Centre. A more interesting alternative though is to turn right and follow the yellow (Enchanted Walk) trail back to the car park.