The Townhill area of Dunfermline has a strong mining heritage and a walk around the area will soon reveal this. If time permits, a diversion to the memorial displays in Townhill Park is recommended.

This short walk aims to take in the best of the area combining a walk around the lovely Town Loch with a stroll through the Townhill Woodlands. For the walker looking for a longer outing there is plenty more to explore in the area and some suggestions are shown on the route map.

Distance: 5 km / 3 miles

Ascent: 60m / 200 feet

Terrain: mix of surfaced and unsurfaced paths (can be muddy in the woods)

Start / finish: Townhill Country Park, Water Ski Centre, KY12 0HT, where there is parking and a good cafe

Route Map

Townhill route map

From the water ski centre, start the walk by following the obvious paths clockwise around the loch keeping close to the loch. Avoid going left on to the bridle path, after crossing the wooden bridge at the west end. At the north east corner of the loch, go left on a road past the site of the old power station. Go left when the road joins a cycle track along the course of the old mineral railway. Keep right at the next junction following signs for Townhill Woods to reach the main road.

Take care crossing the road to access the woods opposite. Either the woodland track or the surfaced road can be used as both lead to the same clearing in the woods. The main path through the woods starts from here following the route of the Pug Line. There are many side trails for additional exploration. After passing the cleared site of an old industrial estate keep right at a purple core path arrow. Stick to the main path turning left at a signpost for the Forest Place Circular. At the next junction the sign points right and the path follows the edge of the woods to reach a metal pedestrian gate.

Exit the woods and turn left onto Forest Place. At the end of Forest Place turn right onto Muir Road for 200m. After this distance is a path/track on the left linking back to the cycle route/railway. Turn right onto the cycle route and follow it back to Town Loch.