Central Fife Trigs

Brief descriptions of routes to reach Ordnance Survey triangulation pillars located in South Fife.

Trig pillar map

West Lomond, S1615, NO 19730 06639, Falkland

At 522m, West Lomond is the highest point in Fife and thus quite rightly is topped with a a trig pillar. This was a “primary” pillar, and played a key part in the Ordnance Survey’s retriangulation of Great Britain commencing in 1936. Today, it is one of just three pillars in Fife that are still in use as “passive stations”. There are many routes to the summit of West Lomond, the majority of which are described on the West Lomond page.

East Lomond, S3163, NO 24447 06094, Falkland

Another obvious hill in Fife is East Lomond (Falkland Hill). It has its own trig pillar but interestingly this is not at the summit but nestles on the southern slope 10m below the summit. Routes up the hill are described on the East Lomond page.

Rhind Hill, S3160, NO 25632 03930, Glenrothes

Rhind Hill is a hillock on the southern slopes of East Lomond with a trig pillar. It is easy enough to access from the Woodland Trust Formonthills car park on the northern edge of Glenrothes via a network of path. As an alternative, why not include it as part of two trig walk up East Lomond starting from the Pitcairn Centre. More information available on the Formonthills page and the East Lomond page.

Drumain S3149 NO 20703 04521, Leslie

Another trig in the Lomond Hills area, this one now lies within coniferous woodland but is still easy to reach thanks to the path network. It is starting to become a bit hidden in the rapidly growing trees though. The trig is situated on a path between Harperleas Reservoir to the north and West Feal farm to the south. The blue route on the Lomond Hills Reservoirs describes a circular route that passes the trig.

Benarty Hill, S3140, NT 15379 97881, Balingry

Benarty Hill, the Sleeping Giant, is another significant hill in Fife being the fifth highest hill in the Kingdom and one of the seven marilyns. A wander up this hill to the trig pillar offers fine view north over Loch Leven (from the fence rather than the actual pillar). Details of various routes to reach the trig are available on the Benarty Hill page.

Keir Brae, S3138, NT 23931 94624, Cardenden

This pillar is sited in woodland to the south east of Cardenden. It is easily reached via the woodland path that runs along the northern edge of Sunnyside Plantation. The trig sits just to the south of the path in the trees but is easily visible from the path. It can be approached on paths through woodland from Cardenden or along the track/path (keep to the northern edge of the plantation) from Dothan on the B981 to the east. For a walk in the area that includes the trig, see the Carden Den page.

Clatto Hill, S3162, NO 35571 06518, Kennoway

If it wasn’t for forestry this 248m hill would make a worthwhile addition to the Fife Pilgrim Way which passes less than 200m from its summit. However, the area is heavily forested although not too densely. To reach the trig, leave the Fife Pilgrim Way at the high point in Edensmuir Forest (south of Clatto Farm) and head directly up the hillside through the trees and vegetation.

Duniface Hill, S3153, NO 35009 01085, Kennoway

Another slightly awkward to reach trig beside the old railway line east of Kennoway. The easiest access point is either from the south close to the Windygates roundabout car park, or along the railway line from Kennoway. Unfortunately the trig is located up a scrubby embankment to the east side of the railway. Access can be eased by using a rough overgrown path along the top of the embankment starting from close to where the railway line is crossed by telegraph wires.

Woodbank Farm, S4216, NT 33953 98841, Leven

This is a another trig in a hedge. It lies to the south east of the A915 close to Wellsgreen Golf Range. Use the gateway opposite Woodbank Farm to gain access to the field and then follow the field edge (don’t cut across the field when there are crops in it) north east to reach the trig in the boundary hedge.

East Auchmuir, S3142, NT 22035 99898, Kinglassie

This one is located on the high ground to the north of Kinglassie north west of the obvious Blythe’s Tower. Access to it is via farmland following field edges (take care not to walk across any fields with crops in them), whilst the trig itself is located on grazing ground. An approach from the Fife Pilgrim Way to the south looks like the easiest option but unfortunately this approach entails crossing electric fences. Easier access is from the minor road to the east, keeping to the north of the reservoirs, through grazing fields. Fortunately there is a good supply of gates in useful places so it is not difficult to reach the trig from this direction.

Strathore, S3144, NT 26203 97740, Thornton

Another easy to reach trig which is located on the grass verge beside a farm road. The entrance to the road (signed for Skeddoway Farm) is to the west of Thornton at Redford. The trig can also be approached from the north from the Southfield area of Glenrothes on paths / farm track. This trig is notable for the fact that it has either sunk into the ground or the ground has risen, to the point where the trig flush bracket is partly obscured.

Dalginch S3156 NO 31204 02492, Markinch

The twin summited Dalginch Hill (the eastern summit is the highest at 137.5m) bears a trig pillar at the coll between its two grassy summits. The pillar can be reached either from the north or the south. From the north access is from the minor road via a wooden gate and a stretch of rough ground between two grassy fields. Access from the south is also possible from behind the garages at Dalginch Cottages, using the Fife Pilgrim Way and Braes Loan Trail to get there. However, in recent years a no right of way sign has appeared to the west of the cottages. If you want to avoid confrontation it might be best to avoid this route. Alternatively you may wish to report the sign to Fife Council’s Access Officer.

Hilton, S3158, NO 30514 05434, Freuchie

Sadly this is a toppled trig and has been moved from its original location at the high point of a field at the farm of Hilton of Forthar It is now on its side in a patch of waste ground beside a small pond shown on the Explorer map approximately 100m north east of its mapped location. Access will only be possible when there are no crops growing in the field. The field can be reached via the farm track from the minor road between Freuchie and Kennoway. The site is currently up for sale for development but this shouldn’t affect the field where the trig is located.

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