Dysart and Ravenscraig

This is a short easy walk, just under 2.5 miles on good paths, starting from Dysart Harbour. The walk takes you into Ravenscraig Park via a tunnel and takes in Pathhead Sands and Ravenscraig Castle before returning to Dysart via Sailors’ Walk. Some steps are involved. The route described below starts from Dysart Harbour. Alternative start points from Ravenscraig Park car park or the Pathhead Sands car park are possible.

  • Distance: 2.5 miles / 4 km
  • Ascent: 410 feet / 125m
  • Terrain: Mostly surfaced paths but also some beach walking
  • Start/finish: Dysart Harbour, KY1 2TQ
  • Facilities: Car park, refreshments at the Harbourmaster’s House. Toilets at Ravenscraig Park

Route Map

Dysart and Ravenscraig Route Map

From the car park follow the path around the harbour to the opposite side. Before reaching the end of the path a tunnel has been carved through the rock on the right hand side. Go through the short tunnel to emerge into Ravenscraig Park.

Follow the well made path, with the sea to your left and a wall to your right. Keep to the left of this wall, passing some picnic tables until you reach a signpost. Follow the sign for Ravenscraig Castle, Pathhead Sands and the Fife Coastal Path along a path to the right of the wall. Keep following markers for the Coastal Path, passing a tower, a picnic table and the Stanes art installation. The views across Pathhead Sands to Kirkcaldy now open up in front of you.

At the next sign post take the Low Tide route of the Coastal Path to the doocot and then follow the steps down to the pebble beach. Walk along the beach until you reach the rocks below Ravenscraig Castle. Either walk round the rocks (at low tide) or use the path that crosses over them to reach the west side of the castle promontory. If you want to extend the walk you could walk out along the sands and then return via the access road for the car parks.

Go up the flight of steps in front of you which lead up to the main road. Follow the Coastal Path sign and do not go through the underpass. Walk eastwards alongside the road until you reach an entry on your right for the The Kyles. If you cut through these modern flats you can miss out a bit of walking along the main road. Note the locked gate on the right that leads back into the park. The Kyles brings you back to the main road where you continue eastwards to the pedestrian crossing and an entrance into the park on your right. There are toilets at this point.

Once in the park, go right following the sign for Ravenscraig Castle passing the other side of the locked gate. Explore the remains of this 15th century castle, then return by your outward route back to the area of the toilets.

From here cut across to the far end of the car park and the start of a woodland path. Keep on this path in an easterly direction, going straight across at a crossroads to head back into the woods. Keep left at a junction to reach the outside wall of the community walled garden. Go left onto a tarmac path still alongside the walled garden until you reach a signpost. Now go right following the post for Sailors’ Walk. Keep left with a view of Dysart Harbour over to your left.

Go down the steps on your left then follow the Sailors’ Walk path high above Dysart Harbour. The path will take you, via steps, back to Hot Pot Wynd where you turn right to walk downhill, past the Harbourmaster’s House Bistro, to the car park. As well as the bistro, the Harbourmaster’s House also contains an exhibition on the Fife Coastal Path and North Sea Trail.