The Pineapple and Dunmore

As well as the well known folly of the The Pineapple, this walk also takes in other historic buildings in the Dunmore area. The Pineapple was restored in the 1970s and is now available to rent as holiday accommodation. Sadly the other buildings are now derelict.

The walk is about 3 miles long on paths and tracks. Some areas can be a bit muddy at times. There is very little ascent involved.

  • Distance: 5 km / 3 miles
  • Ascent: 60 m / 200 feet
  • Terrain: Paths and tracks. Can be a bit muddy in places.
  • Start/finish: Airth. Small car park at grid ref NS 890 884 accessed from the A905. Access road is rough with pot holes.

Route Map

Route map

From the car park there is a gate into the walled garden which forms part of the Pineapple structure. After viewing (and photographing) the building, walk through a doorway in the wall to the left of the Pineapple centre piece. Turn left onto the woodland path once through the doorway and follow it past numerous rhododendron bushes. When you reach a track at an area of felled forest turn right. There are signs later to indicate that this area is being managed for wildlife so no doubt that is why some of the non-native trees have been felled.

When you reach Dunmore Park Farm, keep to the right on a grassy track to walk around the outside of the farm rather than through it. The derelict building on your left is the former stable block of the Dunmore Estate. Walk round to the far side of the stables taking in the views to your right across to the old Dunmore Park house and rejoin the main track with a house to your right. Follow this access road which becomes a tree lined avenue leading to the main road.

For a more adventurous walk involving muddy woods, from the Stables go right on to a grassy track that leads across to Dunmore House. Walk around the outside of the house which must have been magnificent in its hey day. Sadly it is now in a dangerous condition and continues to deteriorate. Entering the building is not to be recommended and you should also take care in the immediate vicinity of the structure. Walk round to the north west side of the house and look for a not too obvious path to the right of a grassy/mossy mound. Go into the woods away from the house (if you start to walk round the back of the house in the woods be very very careful as there is at least one open hole/shaft (perhaps the remains of a well) which is not covered over. Go through the rhododendron bushes down a slope on the muddy path which could be a bit slippy. If you can’t find the path then walk northwards through the woods using your own route for about 150m. Turn left when you emerge out of the woods onto a track and walk to the green signpost at the end of the track where you turn right and rejoin the main route to the main road.

Take extreme care as the road is fast, and cross over to the farm track on the opposite side. Walk down the track through the fields to Dunmore Home Farm where the track turns right. More fields and then you reach both a new house and an old house before arriving at the river. Keep right following a sign for Dunmore Village (although if you go left to South Alloa there is a convenient bench if you want a wee rest). Turn right into the village and take time to admire the quaint houses set around the village green with a well.

The road out from the village takes you back to the main road at a red telephone box. Take extreme care and cross over the road onto the track opposite which is now signed for the The Pineapple. Go left at the next signpost for the Pineapple onto an avenue lined with tall conifers.

After about 200m look to your right for the remains of Elphinstone Tower. A short diversion from the track will allow you a close look but again it is in a dangerous condition. There are also some gravestones in the area from when there was a church at the same site.

After the tower it is a short walk to the end of the track where it becomes a woodland path and turns right into the woods. Keep right along the outside of the walled garden until you reach a doorway on your left. Go through the doorway and walk across to second doorway in the wall to your right. From here either go straight on back to the car park or go right through the doorway back into the area of the Pineapple for a final look around.