Cameron Reservoir

One of the largest bodies of open water in Fife, this reservoir offers a pleasant and easy circular walk on its own or can be combined with Drumcarrow Craig for a longer walk. Bankhead Moss Nature Reserve is located nearby and is also worth a visit.

  • Start / finish: Cameron Reservoir car park, grid ref NO 479 113, accessed from A915.
  • Terrain: Tracks and unsurfaced paths around the reservoir. Off path on grassy terrain and field edges if including Drumcarrow Craig.

Route Map

route map Cameron reservoir

Cameron Reservoir Circuit

  • Distance: 3.7km / 2.3 miles
  • Ascent: minimal

There is an obvious path that circles the reservoir and is signed in places. Along the south-side it is an unsurfaced path which can be a bit muddy at times. For most of the north-side it is a drier track.

Bankhead Moss

Nearby is the Bankhead Moss Nature Reserve, a raised peat bog. The nature reserve can be reached from Cameron Reservoir by means of the core path network. The path starts at the south western corner of the reservoir and proceeds westwards to Blackwalls. The route is mostly field edge rather than path and the area of Blackwalls is somewhat obstructed by scrap. However, it is a core path and walkers should not be deterred from using it. From Blackwalls, cross the road onto a somewhat muddy farm track (also a core path) to Greigston. The core path turns left through the edge of the farmyard to head out to the B940 road. Cross over to reach the small parking area at NO 4478 1052 and access into the nature reserve. The reserve can also be accessed from Peat Inn.

Cameron Reservoir with Drumcarrow Craig and Denork Hill Fort

A circular walk from Cameron Reservoir to Drumcarrow Craig and its broch. As an option, a visit to Denork Hill Fort can also be included before heading back to the reservoir.

There are numerous gates along this route but most are easily openable. The exceptions tend to be in the area of Denork Fort.

  • Distance: 9 km / 5.7 miles (without Denork fort)
  • Ascent: 130 m / 430 feet (without Denork fort)

Walk around the reservoir to the south-west corner. When you reach the western end of the reservoir cross the small bridge over the inlet and turn left.

After about 250m a gate on your right provides access to the adjoining field. Cross the grass field in a north west direction to reach another gate where you meet the start of a track. If the field has been ploughed or has crops growing in it, walk around the edges to reach the gate. Follow this track northwards as it becomes more obvious on the ground. After 1km it turns right towards Cassindonald Farm. Turn left at the farm on to a surfaced access road to walk out to the public road. Drumcarrow Craig is now very obvious in front of you.

On meeting the road turn right, and then immediately left at the junction to reach the start of the track up Drumcarrow Craig to your right. Squeeze round the gate and follow the signposted track up the hill towards the summit communications masts. The 218m summit is lumpy and bumpy and worth exploring. There is a cairn and trig point at the highest point and the site of the Drumcarrow Broch can be seen. Watch out for an electrified fence in the summit area. It is fortunately, easy to crawl underneath it. As well as the main summit there is also the western top which is easy to reach.

An optional visit to Denork Hill Fort is now possible but this does entail some rough ground and gate climbing.

For an easier option return to the road using your outward route. On reaching the road turn left for 700m to reach the junction at Denhead Old Farm.

The optional detour to include Denork Hill Fort is in part rougher underfoot than the rest of the walk and includes off path walking. It will add approximately 1.5 miles and almost 100m of ascent to the walk.

Go northwards down the hill (avoiding the steepest ground) to reach a field gate into the grass field to the north. Walk round or cross the field to reach the north east corner next to the forest plantation. The barb wire fence to the forest can easily be negotiated at this point where it is a bit damaged. Make your way through the trees to northern side. You may need to “fight” a bit to exit the trees. Once out of the trees you will be greeted by the sight of a small reservoir and Dunork Craig to the right of it.

A rough path can now be followed round to the right over boggy ground and up to the summit. Leave the summit on a rough path to the east and follow it around the edge of the trees (the trees should be to your right). Keep the trees to your right as you follow a field edge, until you reach an obvious farm track. The track provides an easy walk out to the public road to the east. Turn right on the road and follow it 450m to reach the road junction at Denhead Old Farm.

From the road junction a signposted track leads south east back to the reservoir. When the track becomes a path keep left to avoid the gorse bushes and follow the field edge (gorse bushes to your right). Keep straight on when you reach the crossroads, back to the vicinity of the car park.