East Fife Trigs

Brief descriptions of routes to reach Ordnance Survey triangulation pillars located in East Fife.

Trig pillar map

Kellie Law, S1611, NO 51744 06458, Pittenweem

As well as being a great viewpoint for the East Neuk, the Kellie Law trig is of note as it was one of the original primary triangulation points when the OS commenced their retriangulation of Great Britain in 1936. Today it has not fallen out of use, as many trig pillars have, but is utilised as a passive station for today’s modern GPS surveying. There is a wee plaque on the side of the pillar advising of this. The summit can be reached from Carnbee to the east using an obvious track and then via the grassy eastern shoulder. Alternatively there is a rough track up the western slope which can easily be reached by a farm track from the minor road to the south.

Cassingray, S3150, NO 48600 07659, Largoward

The Cassingray trig sits atop Pepper Knowe close to Largoward. It is easy to reach using the farm road to South Cassingray and then a path from the west through grazing fields. The summit area is somewhat muddy where livestock have been grazing.

Coalyard Hill, S3151, NO 51088 00971, St Monans

This is an easy to reach trig close to the Fife Coastal Path between Elie and St Monans. However, access from the coastal path entails crossing through private ground around the Catchpenny Safari Lodges. Alternative access is possible from the A917 main road using the access road for the lodges. The trig sits on the north east side of the road the other side of an electric fence. Logs on the Trigpointing website suggest avoiding the fence by accessing through the field rather than the road.

Kincraig Hill, S3161, NT 46775 99914, Elie

Another coastal one, Kincraig Hill is located on rough grassland at the high point of the coastal path near Earlsferry. It’s a lovely spot and worth exploring even if there wasn’t a trig. More information on short walks in the area is available on the Kincraig and Ruddons page.

Largo Law ,S3152 ,NO 42706 04979, Upper Largo

Another fabulous viewpoint albeit a steep one. The route up the hill to the trig starts at Chesterstone Farm where signage helpfully directs you around the outside of the farm yards. Access to the farm is from the minor road to the south west (where there is parking available) please don’t use the main route into the farm from the south. More information is available on the Largo Law page.

Municipal Golf Course, S4215, NO 38991 01739, Leven

An easy to reach trig at the side of a path through the golf course between Silverburn Park and Leven. Just walk along the upper track (not the lower path) and the trig sits on the grass to the side.

Bruntshiels, S4769, NO 43302 10288, Peat Inn

This one is located at the edge of a grazing field at Bruntshiels near Peat Inn. The house at Bruntshields can be reached from the B940 to the north or walk in on field paths from either Peat Inn or Bankhead Moss Nature Reserve. Once at Bruntshiels the trig can be reached by walking along the field edge west of the house.

Easter Balrymonth, S4792, NO 53314 14397, St Andrews

Sited in an arable field to the south of St Andrews, this one really needs to be accessed after crops have been harvested or by following a tractor line through the field. Other than that it is easy enough to access directly from the A917 road to he north. At the gateway on the opposite side of the road (Kinkell Farm) a Fundamental Bench Mark is located in the long grass. This enables you to take trigging to a whole new level.

Drumcarrow Craig, S4809, NO 45938 13205, St Andrews

Another fine view point, this one is located at the summit of Drumcarrow Craig close to St Andrews. As well as a trig pillar and comms masts, this hill also houses the remains of a broch. The summit and trig are easily visited by a track that winds its way up the hillside from the minor road to the south. As this road is part of the Fife Pilgrim Way, a detour can easily be included if walking this route.

North Clatto, S4810, NO 43623 15735, St Andrews

Not to be confused with the other Clatto Hill further south. North Clatto lies just outside the small village of Blebocraigs near to Stathkiness. The trig pillar on its rough grass summit can be easily accessed from the road/track to the south using a reservoir access road. The summit can also be approached via the north from Kemback Woods.

Lochton, S4811, NO 58510 09455, Crail

Sadly this is a trig which has been dug up and dumped in a hedge at the side of the field where it used to stand. It is located close to Clocklaw off the B940 but can also be reached via Kippo and Hilleraye. It is currently located just over 100m north of its original mapped position, toppled on to its side in the ditch at the northern side of the field. Head for the eastern end of the gorse bushes and you should be able to find it in amongst other stones and rubble.

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