A shortish circular walk utilising mostly Fife Core Paths around farmland and woodland.

  • Distance: 10.5 km / 6.5 miles
  • Ascent: 200 m / 650 feet
  • Terrain: woodland paths, farm tracks/paths, old railway, quiet road
  • Start / finish: Gauldry, on street parking available

Route Map

Route map

Start the walk heading south out of Gauldry on a track behind Balgrove Avenue. After the last house the track continues as an unsurfaced path over fields and into woodland. Turn left in the woods for a pleasant stroll east through the woods. When you reach the next track go right (south) exiting the woods and again crossing fields.

An optional detour can be made using the track on your right to reach the summit of Round Hill (106m). This track terminates at an openable gate from where there is a short section of rough walking to the actual summit. Please ensure you close the gate properly on your way out.

Return to the main track and continue south until you reach the main road. Take extreme care crossing over the road to reach the quiet road on the opposite side leading to the picturesque village of Kilmany. Walk through the village. At the far end an optional detour can be made to view the Jim Clark statue. From the road, cross the burn to reach the old railway line.

At this point the route can be shortened to about 5 miles by missing out the Forret Mill and Easter Forret section. Instead of going left (east-ish) on the railway, go right (west-ish).

Go left on the far side of where the bridge used to be into woodland to access the track bed path. After about 400m a secondary path veers off to the right down to burn. Cross the burn on the first of the two wooden bridges to reach Forret Mill.

At this point you can either go right on the Forret Mill access road to reach the public road or you can follow the route of a core path to Easter Forret on the hillside above you. The path does not exist as such so you will need to make your way around the field edges. Once at Easter Forret turn right on to the signed core path and use it to walk out to the public road. Turn right on to the road and head downhill back to the village of Kilmany (passing the road to Forret Mill). You will return to the remains of the railway bridge.

If you chose to miss out Forret Mill you will pick up the main route at this point.

When you reach the remains of the railway bridge at Kilmany go left (west-ish) up onto the railway and follow the track bed path westwards for 700m passing to the back of some houses. The railway goes under the main road at an underpass. This section has been known to flood and may be impassable. If that is the case then it is necessary to clamber up the embankment to the main road and rejoin the railway on the other side. After a further 700m it’s time to leave the railway for a bit of road walking. Turn right on to the road heading north back towards Gauldry for approximately 30 mins. 250m after the last house at Fincraigs is a gateway opening on your right. From here a field edge path cuts the corner and takes you back to Gauldry emerging at the garage at the western end of the village.