Hills: Glenduckie Hill 218m, Lindores Hill 178m, Higham Hill 155m

These three hills all lie to the west of Norman’s Law along the northern section of the Fife Coastal Path. There are various permutations for routes on these hills which can be combined with Norman’s Law using the Fife Coastal Path to link them. The three hills, along with Norman’s Law could all be included on a walk along the coastal path. An alternative option is an 8 mile circular route over the three hills and returning via Dunbog Hill.

Parking for Glenduckie Hill is available on a layby on the A913 opposite the Glenduckie turning (NO 28250 18349 ) or at the village hall, next to the school on A913 (NO 29002 18369). There is an off-road path from the school to the village.

Route Map

Route map for Glenduckie Hill and Lindores Hill

Glenduckie Hill Circuit

Distance: 4.7 km / 3 miles

Ascent: 200 m / 650 feet

Terrain: Paths and tracks but can be muddy.

Starting from Glenduckie village, this hill can easily be ascended on route to Norman’s Law or by itself for a short walk. This circular walk is shown in magenta on the above map.

From Glenduckie village follow the green sign for Bankside (not the Newburgh path). After passing a farm, take the right hand fork, following signs to divert walkers away from the old quarry. The track now starts to go uphill through deciduous woodland for 500m to its termination. From here there is a narrow path to the right which leads up the hill fort (not the actual summit) with views of the surrounding area. A bench and a stone mark this summit.

Return to the track end and look for a path on your right (roughly north) leading into the trees. The path is rather dark and gloomy for a while as it takes you through dense spruce trees. If you want to include the actual summit of Glenduckie Hill this will require a rough, steep detour to your right to reach its pine clad top. Return to the path and continue to follow it round to the right as it starts to circle the hill.

When you see a more open area to your left, head toward the gap in the wall and turn right keeping the wall to your right and some young trees to your left. Norman’s Law will now be visible ahead of you for a short while. Keep on the path as it leaves the fence and heads towards some larch trees to join a more obvious forest track. Go downhill for about 300m to reach a Fife Coastal Path marker post where you turn right. Continue through the plantation and open woodland following coastal path signs at junctions. Soon after leaving the woodland you reach an obvious junction with a signpost.

To continue to Norman’s Law, turn left at this signpost and choose one of the routes from Glenduckie village. If you are doing Glenduckie Hill by itself, turn right to head back to the village.

Lindores Hill

Lindores Hill can be approached from either the north or the south. The northern approach makes use of the Fife Coastal Path which circles the western and northern slopes of the hill. Lindores Hill routes are shown in blue on the route map.

From Newburgh

If approaching from Newburgh, leave the coastal path at NO 250 183 on a track heading up the grassy north west slope. Keep to the track passing through a strip of woodland and up the hill to reach a gate. Go through the gate and cross the next grassy field to reach a further gate at NO 258 183. The next section of this walk uses tracks across the Lindores Equestrian cross country area and it may be necessary to avoid this area when it is in use. When a wooded area is approached keep left at a fork in the track to the left of the trees. Go through another gate into a grassy field to reach the unmarked 178m summit.

From Glenduckie / Norman’s Law

From the east, leave the coastal path at NO 262 189 alongside a strip of woodland. Use grassy field paths up the hillside to reach the gate at NO 258 183 as described above.

From Lindores

From the south, Lindores Hill can be approached via a farm track from Lindores village up to the Witches Loch and Braeside Mains fort site. When the track terminates keep on heading upwards with the trees to your left. Either circle around the south western side of the hillock or cross over it to reach the southern corner of the grass field where the summit is located.

Higham Hill

When walking the Fife Coastal Path between Glenduckie Hill and Lindores Hill this summit is barely an additional 10m of further ascent! Simply leave the coastal path through a gate at NO 271 193 and head up the grassy slope to the summit.

Glenduckie, Higham, Lindores, Dunbog Hill Circular

A suggested circular walk which includes all three of the above hills can be made by returning via Dunbog Hill. For a slightly shorter route use core paths to miss out Dunbog Hill. The return options around Dunbog are shown in red on the route map.

Distance: 13 km / 8 miles

Ascent: 450 m / 1500 feet

Terrain: Paths and grassy hillsides

From the layby at NO 282 183 head up Glenduckie Hill as described above. Include either, or both of, the viewpoint and summit as desired. Descend to the north east as described. On reaching the Fife Coastal Path, turn left and follow the waymarked path around the northern side of the hill. The coastal path route is shown in grey on the route map.

Keep to the coastal path, with a diversion to Higham Hill if desired, heading towards Newburgh. The path follows a strip of woodland, diverging from it when the woodland starts to run up the hillside. At this point, NO 262 189, leave the coastal path to follow the woodland up the hill. Cross the fields and equestrian area as described above for Lindores Hill.

From Lindores Hill aim for the southern corner of the field and cross the fence. Either circle around the gorse strewn hummock of Braeside Mains or pick a way up it and down to the Witches Loch. Aim south (ish) on a bit of a track which soon terminates. Follow the treeline (trees to your right) down the hill to reach the farm track out to Lindores.

At the eastern end of Lindores is the start of a core path through woodland which will take you to the eastern side of Lindores Loch. Turn left along the verge and then go left at the next entrance up a track. From here follow the track / core path to the foot of Dunbog Hill for an optional ascent. Dunbog Hill can be descended via its north west shoulder although some gorse bushes tend to bar the route in places (alternatively return back to the path the way you came up the hill). Keep northwards along the path to reach Dunbog Farm where signage directs the walker around the outside of the farm. From here it is a short walk out to the main road and the start point.