Hills: Lumbennie Hill (284m), Pitlour Hill (275m), Yellow Hill (200m)

These hills, all of which have Innerdouny in the eastern Ochils as their parent Marilyn, make up the high ground in the north of Fife between Newburgh and Auchtermuchty.


Area map showing hills

Lumbennie Hill (284m)

This is the highest point in Pitmedden Forest and the 12th highest hill in Fife. Again, it is a hill clad with forestry and the route to the summit is rather rough.

The shortest approach is along the track / cycle route from the road at NO 227 160 where there is room to park a few cars. Use the forest track to reach the northern side of the hill. From here there is a rough path through the firebreak under power lines to the unremarkable summit marked with an OS trig point. It is possible to descend to the south east and use the forest tracks to circle clockwise around the hill back to the northern side.

The hill can also be approached on forest tracks through Pitmedden Forest. There are good tracks / paths through the forest from Auchtermuchty (The Clink), Abernethy Glen and Abernethy.

Pitlour Hill (275m)

The easiest approach is from the entrance to Pitlour Estate at NO 205 109. However as there is no parking in the area you might be as well starting at Strathmiglo and using the path network to reach the entrance gate.

Once in the estate follow the track, keeping left at the first junction heading towards the ruins of Wester Pitlour. Keep on the main land rover track following it up hill and left at an obvious junction. The track continues to climb, bearing to the right at a corner with three “standing stones”. Keep to the track circling a hillock until it enters a field. Cross the field on what is now a very feint track aiming towards a deer gate on the far side. Once through the gate it is now an easy walk on track to both the summit and trig point (the trig point is not at the actual summit).

The hill can also be approached from the Pitmedden side using field edges to reach a gate at NO 21353 12632. From here there are quad bike tracks to the summit. A few barb wire fences need to be negotiated on the lower slopes.

Pitlour is a working estate so ensure your actions are in accordance with SOAC. Access during the shooting season is probably best avoided as this is pheasant rearing country.

Yellow Hill (200m)

Listed as being 200m in the Database of British and Irish Hills, the OS maps shows this one as being 199m. Ascent is easy enough but hampered by 3-strand electrified fences.

Start either from Burnside off the A91 or the junction of the road to Carmore at NO 15359 09536 (if there’s insufficient room to park at the junction there is space up the road at the cemetry). Head along the farm track (signposted at the Carmore side) between Carmore and Burnside (via Bannaty) to reach a gate just south of its high point. Although you could access the hill via the rough ground and gorse bushes on its southern slope this would be hard walking and it is much easier to negotiate the electric fence and use the field edge. From the northern side of the gate squeeze under the fence and over a small wall into the grass field (livestock may be present). Follow the field edge to the felled tree area where you will once more have to negotiate an electric fence (walk round the trees a bit to find a good spot). Once into the felled area there is the line of a trodden path to make things easier. The summit itself is hard to distinguish and has no marker. The trig pillar lies on the opposite side of the track and is easier to reach than the summit as it is not protected by electric fences.

You could probably avoid one of the electric fences if you approached from Balcanquhal.