Steele’s Knowe from Corb Glen

A hilly walk around the quieter eastern Ochils.

  • Distance: 8 miles
  • Ascent: 500m
  • Terrain: Mostly off path on grassy hillside but also includes some path walking and windfarm access road.
  • Start/finish: Corb Bridge, Littlerig car park at NO 016 082 on the B934.

Route Map

route map

Cross the road and go through the gate opposite onto a farm trakc that passes through the Corb Glen. This stony track gains a bit of height and passes between small but steeply sided hills. Ignore a track leading off to your right and continue until you reach a gate on the track about 2km from the road. Do not go through the gate but strike off up hill to your left on to John’s Hill. The ground close to the track is wet but soon dries out. You can either follow a feint vehicle track or stick with the fence line for a while as you go steeply up grassy slopes to reach the summit. You will need to leave the fence to reach the rounded summit which is to your left.

After John’s Hill, descend in a south west direction to reach a fence which you need to cross before starting on the ascent of Sim’s Hill, another rounded grassy lump. A fence line leads up to the summit.

Continue to follow the fence in a west south west direction keeping it to your left. You will lose a bit of height which you will regain as you go up the next wee hill Green Law. After Green Law, continue west south west alongside the fence to descend to a coll where a path crosses in front of you.

Follow the fence south west uphill to reach Green Knowes wind farm. Keep the fence to your left as it turns right to run almost parallel to the access road for the wind farm. After 1.15km you reach a fence junction. Cross the fence in front of you and join the windfarm road. Use the road to reach the second turbine (no. 6) in front of you. At the turbine leave the track and ascend gentle grassy slopes in a north west direction to reach the trig point on the summit of Steele’s Knowe, at 485m the highest point of the day.

From the summit descend in a north east direction using a stand of a trees as a guide on a clear day. You may be able to pick up a feint path. Aim for the right hand corner of the fenced off field in front of you as you reach the lower slopes close to Coulshill Farm. A gate leads into the field and you can walk down the right hand side past the trees you were aiming for. When you reach the far edge of the field pass through a gate in the right hand corner and join a track.

Turn right onto the track which is signed for Dunning Glen initially keeping the Coul Burn to your left. The track then crosses to the other side of the burn with another sign post where it joins a vehicle track.track. Follow the sign for Dunning Glen and walk back down the track to reach the gate from where you headed up onto John’s Hill earlier. From the gate it is a short walk back to the road.