Hills: Hill of Beath (240m)

Hill of Beath is a distinctive small hill to the north east of Dunfermline. At 240m it is the highest point in an otherwise flat landscape. As such it affords fine views of the surrounding area.

There are two well walked final approaches to the summit. However, as the hill is circled by core paths on all sides it is easy to access the hill from most directions and there are approaches from Kingseat, Halbeath, Crossgates, Hill of Beath village, and Cowdenbeath. The core path around the northern side is, however, somewhat rough in places and not always straightforward as it includes a barb wire fence that needs to be crossed.

On it’s own, the hill is a somewhat short outing and combining it with a walk around the Dalbeath Marshes Nature Reserve is highly recommended.

Route Map

Hill of Beath and Dalbeath Marshes route map

Hill of Beath Summit

These two final summit approaches are shown in red on the route map.

East Route

The east route to the summit is approached from the north via a rough track (part of the core paths) that skirts the eastern shoulder of the hill. From the south and east the route is reached via a gate (that needs to be climbed) at NT 141 901.  The core path from the north continues around to the south side of the hill via this gate.

South route

The south path is accessed from the track between Halbeath and Crossgates at NT 144 895. At this point a track heads towards the hill along a field edge. After going uphill through woodland keep left (leaving the core path network) to ascend the hill on an obvious path alongside an old stone wall. The path bears right before reaching the summit.

Approaching the hill

From Crossgates

 from Netherbeath Road there is direct access via a track to the southern path. If you wish to ascend from the north or east you can either walk clockwise right round the hill or use the southern path through the woods and then stay on the core path around the eastern side of the hill rather than following the path alongside the wall.

From Hill of Beath: 

From Torbeith Road there is a core path across fields bringing you to the south east side of the hill. From here you can either follow the southern path alongside the wall or turn right to circle the hill and approach from the gate on the eastern side.

From Kingseat

 From Cuddyhouse Road on the outskirts of the village there is a track (core path) leading to a bridge across the motorway. Once over the bridge you will be on the path around the western side of the hill.

From Halbeath 

From the road bridge at NT 128 892, where it is possible to park, there is access to the south western side of the hill. From here you can either use the track to reach the southern path or circle around the western side to use the track from the north and the east.

From Cowdenbeath via Dalbeath Marshes

This is probably the nicest approach to the hill. The paths across the nature reserve are shown in blue on the route map.