Hills: Lathalmond Hill (245m), Craigluscar (228m), Bandrum (225m), East Hill (209m)

These small hills on the outskirts of Dunfermline provide fantastic views of the surrounding area and across the Forth. Craigluscar is a small compact hill, the site of a hillfort, that makes an ideal short walk. For the hill goer, East Hill is a nearby high point which can be combined with Craigluscar. However, there is not a pathed route to this hill and a barb wire fence needs to be crossed. Bandrum nearby is also worthy of a short walk in its own right and boasts the remains of Bandrum Temple and the Bandrum standing stone nearby.

Route Map

route map

Craigluscar (228m)

Craigluscar is most easily approached from the south where there is a small parking area at the end of a very rough potholed road. If you need to open the gate across the road please close it after you. There are numerous grassy (though sometimes muddy) paths on the hill, the slopes of which have been planted with young trees.

The direct approach up the hill starts from the parking area at NT 059 907 from where there is a path through mature woodland up the steep south side. Once up you have the option of either going left to explore the high ground to the west or crossing the fence on your right to head for the summit area.

The hill can also be ascended from its more gentle northern side by using a path that circles its western edges. To find this path turn left into the woods after passing through the second gate when leaving the car park. The path becomes easier to follow as it circles around the hill to reach a wall. This wall is the key navigational feature of the hill as it runs roughly north to south over the hill leading back to the car park, splitting the hill. Either follow the paths up the hill or continue to circle around the hill for an ascent from the north east through young woodland.

There are many paths on the hill to explore and a suggested 2.4 mile circular walk with a 120m of ascent, is shown in red on the route map.

East Hill (209m)

The quickest ascent up this hill is from the A823 up the track to Hillhead, around the outside of the house and directly up the hill. There are limited parking options for this route though.

An alternative for a longer walk is to combine it with Craigluscar Hill. Starting from the small parking areat at NT 059 907, follow the path up the hill, turning right at a broken fence/wall. Follow the path along the summit ridge and downhill to reach a gate at NT 062 910. Go through the gate and keep to the left of the wall to pass through a lumpy sheep field aiming for the ruin of Thornyhill. South of the ruin is a gate into the next field, a rough pasture. Aim for the east side of this field where there is a barb wire fence along with a wall barring access to West Hill. The barb wire fence is probably easiest crossed at NT 072 915 where there is a wooden section that can be climbed. Once over the fence head up the northern slope of West Hill. Close to the summit bump you should be able to pick up a bit of path leading through a gate to the northern side of East Hill from where you can easily reach the summit.

Bandrum (225m)

The summit of Bandrum to the south of Steelend is part of Saline Golf Course so be wary of golfers when approaching. Close to the summit is the remains of Bandrum Temple and the Bandrum standing stone. The easiest approach to the hill is from Saline or Steelend but it is also possible to walk over from Craigluscar via Carnock Moor and Cowstrandburn.

From Steelend a signposted (for Cowstrandburn) track starts at NT 039 921. After 350m leave the track through an open gateway on your right. Follow the field edge to the far side to reach the Bandrum Standing Stone, a large boulder at the corner of the wall. Squeeze through the fence where the barb wire has been removed and follow the wall to reach the summit complete with bench.

From Saline, head down the B913 for 180m (no pavement) to reach a gate at the edge of the golf course on your left hand side. This is the start of a track / path round the outside of the golf course to Bandrum Temple. From the Temple you can squeeze through the fence and cross the field to the north west corner with the standing stone and hence on to the summit. Leave the track through a gate on your left to reach the north west corner of the field. Alternatively stick with the path to skirt the edge of the field and join the Cowstrandburn to Steelend track .

To make a circular walk, you can walk between Saline and Steelend via the lovely Saline Glen on the northern side of the main road. A suggested route is shown in blue on the route map.

Lathalmond Hill (245m)

This is not the most inspiring of hills but it is a short up and down from the roadside to a high point on a disused quarry edge. There’s room to park a car at the old quarry entrance at NT 08350 92614 on the B914 near Kelty. From here you can squeeze through the fence into the field to the west of the quarry and walk along the field edge. Squeeze through or step over the fence on your left at some point to access the rough grassland surrounding the quarry. Make your way up the grass avoiding gorse, and around the rim to the high point taking care not to get too close to the cliff edges.