West Fife Trigs

Brief descriptions of route to reach Ordnance Survey triangulation pillars located in West Fife.

Trig pilar map

Kingseat Hill, S3167, NT 10468 88826, Dunfermline

This trig is very easy to reach as it is located at the high point of Kingseat Road on the northern edge of Dunfermline. It sits to the side of the road on a patch of grass next to a layby.

Dover Heights, S4412, NT 12293 85531 , Dunfermline

This one is situated on rough ground in a newly developed residential area to the south of Dunfermline. The trig is slightly hidden amongst trees but is not particularly hard to find if you look for it. It can be approached from the housing estates either to the north or the south via trodden paths.

Pitreavie Golf Course, S4414, NT 11051 85661, Dunfermline

This one is not difficult to reach in the trees in the rough, but it does require crossing the golf course so take care. There is access to the golf course from the housing estate to the north.

Gallowridge, S3201, NS 97567 88120, Devilla Forest

An easy to reach trig as it is sited beside a well used footpath, the West Fife Link path, between Devilla Forest and Balgownie Woods. It’s just a 10 minute walk from the minor road to the east.

Maggie Duncans Hill, S3205, NS 93956 90951, Devilla Forest

Sited to the north of Devilla Forest on rough grazing ground, this trig is easy enough to reach from the track to the east.

Knock Hill , S3207, NT 05349 93761, Saline

At 364m this is the third highest hill in Fife. The summit is easily reached via the mast access track from Knockhill Race Track. This and other routes to the summit are described on the Knock Hill and Saline Hill page.

Cult Hill, S3208, NT 02691 96276, Saline

This 264m hill is an outlier of the nearby Cleish Hills and is a fine viewpoint. There is a reasonably easy access route via farmland / field edges described on the Cleish Hills page.

Carneil Hill, S3237, NT 03277 88806 , Oakley

Sited on rough grazing ground outside the village of Oakley, this trig unfortunately suffers from graffiti. The trig is easiest reached from the south via a farm track (core path) between Oakley and Carnock. However, this track is very overgrown at the Oakley end to the point of being impassable. If approaching from this direction it is probably easiest to use the field edges after leaving the cycle way rather than the line of the actual track. There is access from Lindsay’s Wynd in Oakley. Alternatively start from Carnock and use the core path past Carneil Farm.

Keirsbeath Ridge, S4416, NT 12579 90068, Kingseat

A residential trig in a private garden on the corner of Lochwood Road in Kingseat. It is easily visible from the road although vegetation is starting to encroach on it.

Thornton, S3166, NT 12626 93464, Kelty

Perhaps the most challenging trig to find in Fife. This one, in woodland to the west of Kelty, is not easy. Although only 100m from the B914 road it is 100m of rough vegetation, brash, bog, and coniferous trees. Start from the roadside where there is a layby or from the track to the west and fight your way through to the general location of a concrete water tower. The trig sits to the west of this tower completely surrounded by fallen trees. Once you spot the trig, reaching it is still a challenge due to the fallen trees. This is definitely not one for shorts and short sleeve tee shirt!

Kinniny Braes, S3202, NT 04037 84312, Crombie

Unfortunately this one is pretty much inaccessible as it lies on MOD land. However, it can be viewed from a distance. Bullions Farm on the road to Crombie Point and the area south west of Crombie Farm are both viewing points for this elusive trig.

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