Wether Hill

Steele’s Knowe from Corb Glen

East Bow and Steele’s Knowe

Innerdouny Hill with Mellock Hill

Lendrick Hill

Glensherup Round

Ben Shee

Innerdownie, Whitewisp and Glenquey

Three Easy Ochils and Geordie’s Wood

Kingseat Circuit

Ben Cleuch from Glendevon (3 routes)

Ben Cleuch from Alva (5 routes)

Ben Cleuch from Tillicoultry (3 routes)

Wood Hill

Craighorn and Alva Glen

Blairdennon and Bengengie Circuit

Colsnaur, Bengengie, Craig Leith Circuit

Coalsnaur Circuit

Myreton Hill and Balquharn Glen

Dumyat (multiple routes)

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