A new Fife Walking


Welcome to the relaunch of Fife Walking.

As mentioned in a post on the old site there were a number of issues that needed fixing and despite the large amount of work involved, the easiest way to do this was to start again from scratch!

So this is it. The new look (and hopefully easier to maintain) Fife Walking.

The site’s organised a bit differently with the Fife walks now being split into geographic sections rather than trying to split them by the character of the walk. The old contents/index pages (which were a total pain to maintain) have gone and have been replaced with automatically generated contents pages which display a photo and short summary of the walk details. There is a still a menu structure plus a “breadcrumb” trail to navigate around the site. The new Explore page is a site map for finding any page on the site.

The mapping has changed as well. I’m now using OS open maps for producing the sketch maps included on the site. Multiple routes can now be shown on one map. This is ideal for things like West Lomond, where I wish to include many different routes up the same hill.

GPX files can now be viewed and downloaded from plotaroute.com rather than Ordnance Survey and the now defunct Viewranger.

Coming soon, I hope, a guide to all the OS trig pillars in Fife and a photography section. As always, there are going to be wee errors and mistakes, and I apologise in advance for these. A lot of the content has been copied and pasted across from the original site with only minor updates. If you spot errors, especially critical ones like getting west and east or left and right mixed up (and it seems to be very easy for me to do this), please let me know. Minor errors like typos and spelling mistakes can also be reported. If I don’t know about them, I can’t fix them!

Happy exploring.

One thought on “A new Fife Walking

  1. Great to see this website as it’s a lot of really good information on local walks. I’ve struggled to get all this information in one place. Simple and well laid out. Well done for the effort and Thank you

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