2023 Fife Hill Challenge

It’s been a tough few years but things are pretty much starting to improve now. In early April I was pleased to complete the not insubstantial task of relaunching the Fife Walking site with a brand new refreshing look. Since then there has been a slow trickle of new routes published on the site (not as many as I would like but these days other aspects of life keep me away from the site).

So, the start of a New Year is when people traditionally like to set themselves a challenge. If you are looking for something for this year, here are a couple of ideas for you based around the Fife Hills.

Fife’s Highest Hills

Everyone (well almost everyone) likes to reach the highest point. There are nine hills in Fife above 300m. Whilst some of these are very much “tourist hills” with constructed paths others are a wee bit more challenging and entail crossing pathless moorland.

NameHeight (m)Prominence (m)Relative Hill classification
West Lomond522405Marilyn
East Lomond448155Marilyn
Knock Hill364112Hump
Saline Hill359104Hump
Benarty Hill356228Marilyn
Easter Cairn35532Tump
Park Hill33933Tump
Wether Hill33561Tump
Outh Hill32436Tump

If that seems too easy then why not set the lower limit at 250m and add in the following five hills.

NameHeight (m)Prominence (m)Relative Hill classification
Largo Law290196Marilyn
Norman’s Law285209Marilyn
Lumbennie Hill284139Hump
Pitlour Hill27553Tump
Cult Hill26463Tump

Fife’s most Prominent Hills

Absolute height is only one way of measuring a hill’s significance. We also have the concept of prominence (drop) i.e. the amount of height difference between it and neighbouring hills (relative hills).

The Seven Marilyns

These are Fife’s seven hills with a prominence of 150m or greater and are classified as Marilyns. These hills make a good challenge and all have paths / tracks to their summits

NameProminence (m)Height (m)Relative Hill classification
West Lomond405522Marilyn
Benarty Hill228356Marilyn
Norman’s Law209285Marilyn
Largo Law196290Marilyn
Mount Hill163221Marilyn
East Lomond155448Marilyn
Cairnie Hill150.4228.9Marilyn

Cairnie Hill being somewhat marginal in its marilyn status was treated to accurate surveying in 2012 to determine its true status. Fortunately it made the grade by 40cm!

The 14 Humps

A Hump is a hill with 100m or upward of prominence. In addition to the seven marilyns listed above, there are a further seven Humps (plus two sub-Humps for the really keen) that can be added to the challenge.

NameProminence (m)HeightRelative Hill classification
Lumbennie Hill139284Hump
Lucklaw Hill117190Hump
Knock Hill112364Hump
Cowden Hill112204Hump
Saline Hill104359Hump
Black Hill104213Hump
Ormiston Hill (Black Cairn)103236Hump
Dunearn Hill98.7223.6Sub-Hump
Clatto Hill91248Sub-Hump

So there you have it, challenge yourself to explore more of Fife’s wee hills in the coming year. Work your way through the above and then when you’ve done all of them, there’s still plenty more to keep you occupied. Have a look at the Uplands of Fife for inspiration.

If you successfully complete any of the above please do post a comment to say so. And if you want to keep a record of your hills why not use the Hill Bagging website to log your ascents.

  • Norman's Law
  • Largo Law
  • Cult Hill
  • View from Dunearn Hill
  • Mount Hill
  • Route up Lucklaw Hill
  • View from Piltour Hill
  • Cowden Hill
  • Knock Hill from Saline Hill
  • View from Benarty Hill
  • West Lomond
  • East Lomond
  • Largo Law
  • Benarty Hill
  • Ormiston Hill from Cairnie Hill
  • Knock Hill
  • Mount Hill

All hill data taken from the Datbase of British and Irish Hills version 17.5

3 thoughts on “2023 Fife Hill Challenge

  1. Thanks for the inspiration, I’m going to try and bag all 114 hills with my toddler. It’ll be a great reason to get out the house at the weekends. We had a nice easy start with Righead hill from Devilla carpark at the weekend


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